Pictures From Home


I thought it might be interesting if people on this site posted a picture or two of where they live. This is basically a “Here’s My Digs” thread.
Here’s pictures from behind the house I took this morning (In Ohio). These are from the back patio.


Love the woods. Some examples of players’ homes (interior and exterior) appear in the thread about playing go IRL (Playing Go IRL pictures).


Forest, snow, sloping land… you’ve got a pretty Japanese landscape there. Do you get magical taisha powers from it?


No. When the magical Taisha powers arrived, Fed-Ex left them in a box by the front door and somebody stole the box. Now my version of Taisha Joseki looks more like stale bean curd (Taisha Furui Tofu).


Another go player from Ohio? I was beginning to think I was the only one!


I think we may be the only two. Unlike Michigan, I have yet to encounter someone in my town who’s even HEARD of GO. Too many Buckeyes.
I’m in Defiance.


Here’s what greeted us Sunday Morning:


Various creatures on my shed roof…



a room with a view, after-summer period :slight_smile:


Tree nearby…


Love your tree photo! I’m a connoisseur of weird trees, and saw quite a few in my avid hiking days. Yours is one of the best!


It’s a Go eye tree!
All in the eye of the beholder :slight_smile:
Vondelpark, Amsterdam


Love those pictures.


Some more in the same vein…



In my mountains, a few walking hours from home

How to get there :
The guys on the foreground are impressive, but rather peaceful


Omote, that is a stunning view. You must truly feel the age of the Earth standing on ground like that.


Thanks @Mogadeet. Not sure what you mean by “feel the age of the Earth”. Is it “feel how old the Earth is” or “feel as old as the Earth is”? But in either case, the answer is “yes”! And what is sure, you feel the age of your body :sweat:


Climbing in mountains like that would be a good way for this old body of mine to meet its maker! :scream_cat:

Looking at those mountains makes me think of the feeling I get when I go to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, and that is a feeling of the immense age of the earth. In my head I know the Smokies predates the Permian Extinction, but when I stand among the rocks and see the mountains spread out before me the knowledge of that great span of time enters my very soul. It is humbling.


Are those your kids, GreenAsJade?


Wife, son, daughter, left to right :slight_smile: (Or did you mean the ones in the tree :smiley: :smiley: )