The Dim Sum Cafe -- Short Go Video Thread

Dim sum (…) is a large range of small dishes that Cantonese people traditionally enjoy in restaurants for breakfast and lunch: (…) delicately made food items, savory or sweet, to complement their tea.

Although dim sum is a Chinese meal, it is a communal dining and social experience; (…) large groups enjoy dishes together as a leisurely social activity. Diners go to restaurants early (…) and rather than ordering a whole table of food, they order small amounts, have a cup of tea, read the newspaper, and wait for friends and family to join them.

TL;DR this is a comfy thread in which to share and appreciate small videos, less than ten minutes long, about Go and Go players. Casual chit-chat is encouraged c:

Starting off with some Yeonwoo, from her channel

Kejie's reaction on Shinjinseo's misclick in Samsungcup final OMG how can it be happened? - YouTube <1m
Lee-Changho is sleeping in front of his master Cho-hunhyun in title match - YouTube 1m
Kejie's slapping+throwing stones after 123,000$ is gone by 10kyu mistake - YouTube 2m
1day study plan of Shin-J.S No.1 player in the world now - YouTube 5m

And some stuff from Michael Redmond’s channel

Nakayama's "Heart" White to play - YouTube 2m
11 year old Michael meets a legendary Go player - YouTube 5m
The story of the Redmond Cup - YouTube 8m

Including the shorter early episodes of the AlphaGo vs the World series:

AlphaGo vs. The World: Game 2, AlphaGo Master (W) vs. Zhang Ziliang 1p (B) - YouTube 7m
AlphaGo vs. The World: Game 4, AlphaGo Master (W) vs. Xie Erhao 4p (B) - YouTube 9m
AlphaGo vs. The World: Game 11, AlphaGo Master (W) vs. Chen Hao 5p (B) - YouTube 9m


Good plan, I only have the time/attention span for short vids!


I found this little Yoonyoung lecture on Play Go at! | OGS on her channel

When to play this hane (viewers question) - YouTube 9m


Missed the winning move (Nongshim cup Final / Park Jungwhan vs Ke Jie) - YouTube 8m

This sounds exactly as it should! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
The mother’s tale is moving and of course we know that little Mickey made it to the highest level… and maybe it’s right for that reason that it’s so fascinating: just like Valentino Rossi riding his miniature bike in races between 6yo kids. You can already taste the glorious future that will come later.

Well done, little Mickey! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Useful general go lesson by Haylee (Hajin Lee 4p): Deciding Next Move with ROSE - YouTube 4m


Seems like there should be a lot of overlap with the Go Videos thread, but I see that the point here is to have only short videos here.

I really liked these board making videos posted by @Lys here: Go videos - #264 by Lys

Approximately 2 minutes each

Maybe we should embed videos via the player instead of links?


@le_4TC’s Go advent calendar is a set of 24 videos, that are each under 10 minutes long

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I found these on the NYIG_Go channel – an introductory series presented by the lovely Stephanie Yin, AGA professional.

Introduction to Go - Rules Part 1 - YouTube 7m

Introduction to Go - Rules Part 2 - YouTube 7m

Introduction to Go - Rules Part 3 - YouTube 8m

Also this joseki lecture 5-6 Dan Joseki - Small Avalanche - YouTube 8m

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Yoonyoung plays 9x9.

9x9 Go board challenge 5 (vs 5k OGS) - YouTube aka YY’s game against @_KoBa 8m

9x9 Go quest vs 7D - YouTube 8m

GoQuest 9x9 game 7D vs 12K - YouTube 8m

GoQuest 9x9 game 8D vs 11K - YouTube 8m

(English Sub) 9x9 match 2/ YY vs Sungjun - YouTube 6m (vs .An Sungjoon at Sensei's Library)


9x9 Go Quest 6D vs 11k - YouTube 5m

Have y’all eaten yet?

So… so much food…

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9x9 GoQuest 7D vs 10K - YouTube 5m

Special dim sum! Forgotten – uh, fermented! – four years…

Attacking Without Attaching | Fridays with xhu98 #92 Recap - YouTube 6m


And also a guest dish from the Go videos thread:

雲子製作過程 - YouTub – manufacture of glass stones, 2m
(with thanks to RubyMineshaft)

9x9 Go Quest 13k vs 9k - YouTube 5m

Yoonyoung plays 9x9


I found this cryptic one-minute video of Yeonwoo mucking about in a lift.

Yeonwoo teaches how to exploit White’s shape in the slide-base joseki Play Go at! | OGS (9m)

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More well-aged dim sum, from 2015. 7m

Young Sunyoon, 4m

Yoonyoung Kim, 7m

James Story makes almost entirely dim sum videos.

Go4TheEyes produces about half dim sum, half longer-form.