The Dim Sum Cafe -- Short Go Video Thread

Dim sum (…) is a large range of small dishes that Cantonese people traditionally enjoy in restaurants for breakfast and lunch: (…) delicately made food items, savory or sweet, to complement their tea.

Although dim sum is a Chinese meal, it is a communal dining and social experience; (…) large groups enjoy dishes together as a leisurely social activity. Diners go to restaurants early (…) and rather than ordering a whole table of food, they order small amounts, have a cup of tea, read the newspaper, and wait for friends and family to join them.

TL;DR this is a comfy thread in which to share and appreciate small videos, less than ten minutes long, about Go and Go players. Casual chit-chat is encouraged c:

Starting off with some Yeonwoo, from her channel

Kejie's reaction on Shinjinseo's misclick in Samsungcup final OMG how can it be happened? - YouTube <1m
Lee-Changho is sleeping in front of his master Cho-hunhyun in title match - YouTube 1m
Kejie's slapping+throwing stones after 123,000$ is gone by 10kyu mistake - YouTube 2m
1day study plan of Shin-J.S No.1 player in the world now - YouTube 5m

And some stuff from Michael Redmond’s channel

Nakayama's "Heart" White to play - YouTube 2m
11 year old Michael meets a legendary Go player - YouTube 5m
The story of the Redmond Cup - YouTube 8m

Including the shorter early episodes of the AlphaGo vs the World series:

AlphaGo vs. The World: Game 2, AlphaGo Master (W) vs. Zhang Ziliang 1p (B) - YouTube 7m
AlphaGo vs. The World: Game 4, AlphaGo Master (W) vs. Xie Erhao 4p (B) - YouTube 9m
AlphaGo vs. The World: Game 11, AlphaGo Master (W) vs. Chen Hao 5p (B) - YouTube 9m


Good plan, I only have the time/attention span for short vids!


I found this little Yoonyoung lecture on Play Go at! | OGS on her channel

When to play this hane (viewers question) - YouTube 9m


Missed the winning move (Nongshim cup Final / Park Jungwhan vs Ke Jie) - YouTube 8m

This sounds exactly as it should! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
The mother’s tale is moving and of course we know that little Mickey made it to the highest level… and maybe it’s right for that reason that it’s so fascinating: just like Valentino Rossi riding his miniature bike in races between 6yo kids. You can already taste the glorious future that will come later.

Well done, little Mickey! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Useful general go lesson by Haylee (Hajin Lee 4p): Deciding Next Move with ROSE - YouTube 4m


Seems like there should be a lot of overlap with the Go Videos thread, but I see that the point here is to have only short videos here.

I really liked these board making videos posted by @Lys here: Go videos - #264 by Lys

Approximately 2 minutes each

Maybe we should embed videos via the player instead of links?


@le_4TC’s Go advent calendar is a set of 24 videos, that are each under 10 minutes long

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I found these on the NYIG_Go channel – an introductory series presented by the lovely Stephanie Yin, AGA professional.

Introduction to Go - Rules Part 1 - YouTube 7m

Introduction to Go - Rules Part 2 - YouTube 7m

Introduction to Go - Rules Part 3 - YouTube 8m

Also this joseki lecture 5-6 Dan Joseki - Small Avalanche - YouTube 8m

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Yoonyoung plays 9x9.

9x9 Go board challenge 5 (vs 5k OGS) - YouTube aka YY’s game against @_KoBa 8m

9x9 Go quest vs 7D - YouTube 8m

GoQuest 9x9 game 7D vs 12K - YouTube 8m

GoQuest 9x9 game 8D vs 11K - YouTube 8m

(English Sub) 9x9 match 2/ YY vs Sungjun - YouTube 6m (vs .An Sungjoon at Sensei's Library)


9x9 Go Quest 6D vs 11k - YouTube 5m

Have y’all eaten yet?

So… so much food…

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9x9 GoQuest 7D vs 10K - YouTube 5m

Special dim sum! Forgotten – uh, fermented! – four years…

Attacking Without Attaching | Fridays with xhu98 #92 Recap - YouTube 6m


And also a guest dish from the Go videos thread:

雲子製作過程 - YouTub – manufacture of glass stones, 2m
(with thanks to RubyMineshaft)

9x9 Go Quest 13k vs 9k - YouTube 5m

Yoonyoung plays 9x9


I found this cryptic one-minute video of Yeonwoo mucking about in a lift.

Yeonwoo teaches how to exploit White’s shape in the slide-base joseki Play Go at! | OGS (9m)

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More well-aged dim sum, from 2015. 7m

Young Sunyoon, 4m

Yoonyoung Kim, 7m

James Story makes almost entirely dim sum videos.

Go4TheEyes produces about half dim sum, half longer-form.

Small pieces of baked and fried cream with melted sugar.

Short Japanese documentary about Shuko’s study group, via the First Path blog.

This is the only Go content on the channel.

And the dim sum: