Monster seki!

What’s the biggest/most impressive seki you’ve got in a game? I just finished this error-strewn game with a 66 point seki, (69 if you count the shared eye), by far the largest I’ve ever seen:

Granted, we both had opportunities to kill at least part of that monster, but that would’ve made the game far less memorable!

Share your best!


Wow it is amazing!


Wow, neat seki. It’s quite nice how it sprawls out from the center and toward the edges.

I had a 62 point seki (counting all stones + shared liberties + one eye each per group) covering most of the top-right quadrant in this game:

It was the largest seki that I had seen in an actual game until I saw your game.

I asked for a review for my game here:

@mark5000 pointed out some chances for it to have been prevented:


This one isn’t massive on points but well…


That’s amazing. Would’ve been 7 points black to 4 points white, before komi XD.

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It’s massive on a small board especially with the missing move :sunny:

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I love big s e k i s and I cannot lie!