Massive seki covering quarter of the board

This was one of the most interesting games that I have ever played. I had a much stronger opponent that quite relentlessly attacked me, but I think I learned quite a bit from the complicated fighting (for my skill level) that developed. Hopefully, I can learn some more from a review. Unfortunately, my opponent seemed to disappear from the site and timed out, which gave me an undeserved win for what seems to be a thoroughly losing position. It would have also been nice to see exactly how the game would have played out.


  1. I felt quite ineffective and aimless in the opening. Any comments/suggestions in that area would be greatly appreciated. I played the cross game just for kicks, looking to get some interesting fights. Boy, I certainly got plenty of that.

  2. Move 108 initiates a long, complicated fight that is finally resolved 63 moves later with the large seki that is referenced in the title of this post. I guess this is really part of a larger scale fight that began earlier with white attacking my weak top-side group leading to the strong wall that aided him in this fight. Am I correct in reading this as a seki (it seems that neither side can win a capturing race without the other first forcing seki)? Are there any other lines of play that would have forced a better outcome for either side? With move 151, I was hoping for the exchange of W at N14, B at P13 to allow both groups to live. However, perhaps that would have given white the strength to kill my weak top-side group?

  3. The top-left corner has a life and death problem that I wasn’t able to solve. It seems that I’m dead in the final position. Can I force a seki from that position? What would have been the correct response to move 172 (W at B19)?

  1. Your opening seems good, for the most part. Try to be more active and don’t be too greedy.

  2. It does look like seki to me. Move 151 looked like black’s only chance, but white missed some chances to kill.

  3. D19 is your move, I think.

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Thank you very much for the detailed review! I have only gone over it briefly so far, but I can clearly see that there is a lot that I can learn from further studying it.