Most Popular Go YouTube Channels

I was curious what the most popular Go channels were. Subscriptions counts are an easy (but not perfect) way to measure this, so I created a list of every Go channel that I could find with greater than 1000 subscribers (but feel free to expand the list beyond that if you wish).

This post is a wiki, so feel free to add more!

Channels are English unless marked with a flag. The :united_nations: flag is used to mark multi-lingual channels. I’ve tried to translate some of the non-English channel names, but there may be mistakes.

  1. 프로연우 :kr: [Go Pro Yeonwoo’s Korean Channel] 64.3K
  2. 바둑랩 강좌 :kr: [Go Lab Course] 48.6K
  3. Nick Sibicky 28.1K
  4. K바둑 :kr: [K Baduk] 26.4K
  5. dwyrin 25.3K
  6. 日本棋院囲碁チャンネル【公式】 :jp: [Nihon Ki-in Go Channel (Official)] 24.4K
  7. 이현욱TV[프로바둑9단] :kr: [Lee Hyun-wook TV, Professional Go 9 Dan] 22.6K
  8. 高川格 :cn: 21.8K
  9. 囲碁将棋TV -朝日新聞社- :jp: [Go Shogi TV, Asahi Shimbun] 21.5K
  10. Sunday Go Lessons - Videos on the Game of Go! :united_nations: 20.2K
  11. New York Institute of Go 16.9K
  12. 女流棋士・飛田早紀の囲碁チャンネル :jp: [Saki Tobita’s Go channel] 15.3K
  13. In Sente 15.2K
  14. The Official AGA Youtube Channel 15K
  15. 바통령[김영삼프로바둑9단] :kr: [Kim Young Sam Pro Go 9 Dan] 15K
  16. Haylee’s World of Go/Baduk 14.9K
  17. 围棋TV :cn: [Weiqi TV] 14.7K
  18. rido channel :jp: 14K
  19. プロ棋士 柳澤理志の囲碁教室 :jp: [Go Pro Satoshi Yanagisawa’s Go class] 12.1K
  20. 키바바둑TV KIBA BADUK TV :kr: [Weiqi TV] 10.7K
  21. Go Pro Yeonwoo 9.57K
  22. 星合志保の囲碁実況局 :jp: [Shiho Hoshiai’s Live Go Channel] 8.56K
  23. 囲碁棋士 柳 時熏のGo Channel :jp: [Go Channel of Ryu Shikun] 8.25K
  24. Michael Redmond’s Go TV 7.34K
  25. Go Commentary 6.94k
  26. Jian Jian Good, Go Game World :cn: 5.48K
  27. Go Game Videos 5.17K
  28. Andrew Jackson 4.88K
  29. Baduk Doctor 4.24K
  30. Shawn Ray (Clossius) 4.22k
  31. Brady Daniels 4.16K
  32. Yoon’s Baduk Cafe 3.68K
  33. 三村囲碁ちゃんねる :jp: [Mimura Go Channel] 3.41K
  34. 囲碁棋士 木部夏生・べっきーの電波塔 :jp: [Natsuki Kibe 2p / Bekki’s radio tower] 3.17k
  35. GoGameGuru deprecated 2.98K
  36. 김수담 :kr: [Kim Soo-dam] 2.76K
  37. 囲碁プレミアム :jp: [Go Premium] 2.64K
  38. Luciano Zinni 2.62K
  39. ネット藤澤塾/YouTube囲碁講座 :jp: [Fujisawa Juku / YouTube Go Course] 2.51K
  40. Cyberoro ORO :kr: 2.38K
  41. みやれー (miyare) :jp: 2.1K
  42. Russian Go Federation :ru: 2.06K
  43. xhu98 2.01K
  44. 纹枰论道 :hong_kong: 1.89K
  45. つるりんチャンネル :jp: 1.8k
  46. Yoonyoung Kim 1.76k
  47. Weiqi master 1.71K
  48. Jonathan Markowitz 1.68K
  49. Littlelamb Go 1.59K
  50. Yunguseng Dojang 1.54K
  51. BJ동동 :kr: [BJ Dongdong] 1.51K
  52. 依田紀基チャンネル :jp: [Yoda Norimoto Channel] 1.45K
  53. Go Magic :united_nations: 1.26K
  54. Joshua Lee 1.21K
  55. Fédération Française de Go :fr: 1.16K
  56. 囲碁教室・碁円 :jp: 1.05K

바둑 BADUK TV and 바둑 BADUK TV 2 seem to hide their subscription counts, but must be fairly popular.

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I’ll try add a few (Brady Daniels - kind of inactive but still) and the French Federations go channel are above 1000 subs :slight_smile:

Added the

  • russian Go federation channel too.
  • some channel that replays game sgfs called Go Game Videos.
  • GoGameGuru deprecated
  • 바통령[김영삼프로바둑9단] --? [Kim Young Sam Pro Baduk 9 Dan] (google translate)

Note: this post is now a wiki as well. Please feel free to use this as scratch space, and to catalog channels with less than 1000 subscribers (we can merge these into the main list as well, but this is just space to reduce the risk of editing conflicts).

There were some efforts to get the channel of the London Go Center to 1000 subs, but they are still not there yet.


The EGF channel is on 962. If forty ish people sub we can maybe add them to the list :stuck_out_tongue:


It might be more informational to bring the baseline down to 500.

Also, I added Clossius.


The DeepMind channel has several videos about AlphaGo, but it is mostly about their more general AI development.

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There’s also a European Professional Online Go League channel only on 176. I feel like they need more iterations of the league, and to add more of the Twitch Vods :slight_smile:

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Added Yoonyoung.

Added Go Commentary as well.


I would love to see the list go even further, but it just becomes a lot of work to search at that point. However, I would welcome efforts to expand the list and it is a wiki after all…



The British Go Association only has 85 subscribers, ouch…

I guess they’ve decided that the London Go Centre channel will transmit their main content.


Actually I think that BGA channel is new, since the BGA online congress I thought. That’s what I thought the email said.

The videos are only a week old :stuck_out_tongue:


Need to add this at some point (even thought it is no longer active, it still has some interesting videos), but holding off since someone else was editing at the same time, and I wanted to avoid the edit conflict.

Think we can get the list down far enough to reach them?

I just checked and saw that Anton Christenson - YouTube (@le_4TC) has 84 subscribers. Almost as many as an entire association!

By the way, the OGS Go Resources page also lists some other smaller channels that I omitted.


Is there a way to see who’s editing the post?

I added the Go game guru one.

There’s a couple of tricks one can do to find more channels. The obvious is just filter youtube results to channels, but you’d have to hit a keyword.

Another is some channels eg Yoon’s baduk cafe etc, link channels when you navigate to channels tab eg


It noticed that an “edit conflict” warning popped up near the bottom of the edit box, so I just cancelled my edits.


That’s one way to make me feel better about my low numbers :sweat_smile:


Wow didn’t realize Yeonwoo was so popular! Ahead of Kbaduk!


Side note: can’t believe JosekiFarm still exists.

Nick Sibicky Go Lecture #193 - Joseki Farm - YouTube Nick on JF, 2016
19x19 Joseki revision on - YouTube Sophia on JF, 2020

when you realise that this site outlasted GoGameGuru




This is the most comprehensive pro games channel, commented by Chinese 5-9P. Recently, they started live broadcast some of the top pro games as well. But you have to understand chinese.

I am a paid VIP subscriber of WeiqiTV.

Those are systematic teaching videos by Chinese 5-9P. But again, unless you understand chinese, they are useless. The youtube weiqitv channel might be an outdated version of its main site. I am not sure.