Yeonwoo's Korean channel

According to Most Popular Go YouTube Channels, Yeonwoo’s Korean-language channel 프로연우 is the most popular Go channel on youtube.

So, how about a thread to discuss videos on it, as a counterpart to Go Pro Yeonwoo English YouTube Channel!?

I don’t speak Korean, so for my part I’d generally pick short videos that look visually interesting.

A lot of her recent content on this channel is about Hikaru no Go, stimulated by the Chinese live-action remake – her video references are to the anime, though.

In this eight-minute video, Yeonwoo reviews a 13x13 set with apparently edible stones.


After watching that video, I was reminded of how “busy” Korean youtube videos are.

  • bouncy music the entire way through
  • constant sound effects
  • lots of text on the screen

It’s interesting that her English videos are much more in line with Western presentation, showing that she’s aware of the cultural difference.

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I found some equivalents:

Giving eight stones:

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Hanging out with other Korean pros:

Six-stone game:

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I was worried that you’d take that last thumbnail and use it in the geography thread “which country does this look like and what is the flag?” :smiley:

Seriously though, you are right about the extra bling! O_o
It reminds of the comparative difference of “Kitchen Nightmares US edition” vs “Kitchen Nightmares UK edition” … in the US edition, Gordon Ramsay is a raving lunatic, the owners are all daft, the action is accompanied by dramatic music all the way with suspenseful camera work and close shots.
In UK edition, Gordon Ramsay is just mildly annoyed by the stupidity of owners who are just normal people with problems way over their heads, there is occassional fitting music and the camera is mostly static.


Taking three stones from KataGo:

I found some 10–12m real-board lectures from before the pandemic:

Yeonwoo’s English channel has been quiet lately, perhaps because she’s working on AwesomeBaduk. The last video there is from the 28th of last month.

In the meantime, though, she’s posted a few Korean videos. Hopefully they can tide you over~

Reacting to a park hustler?

Reacting to this game, whoever the players are.

Instalments #32-4 of her Hikaru no Go series have also been published.

#35 in the Hikaru no Go series, posted today.

#11 of a different HnG series? The eleventh episode, perhaps?

Yeonwoo commenting a seniors’ tournament? No, it seems to be a special event…

Still commenting this seniors’ event.

Note that at 5:37 you can hear her say misaeng, which I think translates as “unsettled” and is the name of the workplace K-drama discussed before by Gia.

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Taking three stones from Kata last April.