Most Popular Go YouTube Channels

Thanks for suggesting this Chinese language channel.

I’m surprised that more have not been suggested, but maybe the Great Firewall has something to do with that.

I also feel like we must be missing a bunch of Japanese Go channels, but I don’t really know.

Do any Japanese Go pros have YouTube channels?

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My channel has 526 subscribers, but I haven’t uploaded anything for almost 2 years.


囲碁棋士 木部夏生・べっきーの電波塔 2.58k

つるりんチャンネル 1.8k

I’ll add them now.

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I suggest that to minimise editing conflict, Yebellz could convert his second post into the dedicated wikitable for channels below a thousand subscribers.

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I was able to find many other listings, large and small, by looking at the NHK’s related channels at 日本棋院囲碁チャンネル【公式】 - YouTube.

I’m not in the mood for large-scale data entry, but this is where they are.


Ok, I’ve done that, but eventually we can merge those into the main list as well. Doing that in bulk during off-peak editing times might reduce the risk of collision.

rido channel


Added these




Cornel Burzo has 466.

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I found this little 62-sub DDK channel being promoted on L19.
It’s a new, week-old channel with only 17 videos so far.

There’s no general youtube Go thread afaik, so I’ll put it here.


Check out my new channel here:

That’s the same channel I just linked in the post above…

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Tyler Oyakawa, 937. Tyler is 108 on the forums
He was an organiser of the 2015 Creator Invitational.

Jianqiu Chen, 774

Go Talk, 749

InGoWeLoved棋如人生日日新, 736 (dedicated thread)

Descubre la jugada - Find out the move, 435
Thanks to Conrad for his 2018 post about it.

James Story – World of Go Channel, 331

The Ohio Go School, 265

Baduk Scholars, 247, featuring reviews by Francis Meyer 1p.
Thanks to alemitrani for his post.

xinwengolife, 42
Channel of xinwen, “the founder of Go in Brunei”.

Indie Sn, 21


Go Lab Course reached 50k.

The Nihon Ki-in Channel reached 25k.

Go Shogi TV also reached 25k.

rido channel reached 15k.

As stated in the dedicated thread, Yeonwoo’s English channel got to 10k.

Redmond’s accumulated another thousand or so and is now at about 8.4k.

Congrats to IndieSn on 25 subs!


Daniel’s channel, 388 subs

Kyu Clash (Go as WWE?)
50 subs

Channel of @Uberdude (former British Champion Andrew Simons), 258 subs

@_Sofiam made all her videos private. I don’t know why.

Hopefully it was just a mistake like this time:


Before all, I want to say that I am happy that my channel is cited in this topic :slight_smile:
Regarding my videos, it was not a mistake, I made them private.
I did it for the first time about 6 months ago, I wasn’t publishing new videos anymore (the last one was in september) and I decided to take a break.
I made my videos private because I didn’t like some of them and I am very shy, even if it can seem the opposite.
Another good reason (good for me at least XD) was that I am afraid that people that I know in real life could discover me. Some of them, for example Lys, knew it but luckily they never shared it I think. It’s quite stupid, I know. I have nothing to be ashamed (except maybe my english pronunciation and my not so high go level) but I simply felt not good enough.
3 months ago I decided to reopen my channel and publish a new video but then I saw that I wasn’t motivated enough to continue and after some weeks I decided to hide everything again.
I really enjoyed doing videos and I don’t exclude I will restart one day but I feel like I’m not ready at the moment.
If there is one video that you want to rewatch before that I will remake them public again ask me and I will share it with you :slight_smile:


Joshua Lee [AGA 5d] lecturing for kyu players.
Videos posted 2013-15, ie. pre-bot.

“KGS user RJM reviews all games from Invincible”
He reviewed 33 games. I don’t know how many are in Invincible.
The videos are from 2013.

77 videos, 2010-15

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I can highly recommend RJM’s Invincible series, his way of explaining things really resonated with me (and of course the games are beautiful). I’ve watched it all the way through two or three times, and in some of the videos you can see me in KGS chat asking 6k questions :wink:


There’s not really anything notable here, just some KGS and Tygem games, a review or two, some AYD matches and playing against VincentCB.

Videos from 5–6 years ago.

Are there other channels with dancing pro? )