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Hello everyone, this is Jacky Zhao, from China. I am 5D on tygem and 5D on fox. i upload lots of go videos on Youtube these days from beginners to experts,you all can find videos for you.


Maybe you heard of the easiest/hardest life and death problems,but maybe you never heard of the most wonderful life and death problems,but sure,there is it:


Video: The most wonderful life and death problems


Classic one, difficult one too, but the most wonderful? Not for me!
No “under the stones” Tesuji… No symetry esthetic… No abnormal move…

I found some guys asked for help about “Bent four in the corner” issues, in general, bent four cannot be kill.
But, if bent four in corner, it was dead! So be carefully!

Below video detail shown how to kill it
Bent four in the corner, game finish corner die For 5K to 1K


Black move, think about how to make two eyes for black, no ko, if you cannot make it,please see the video, :slight_smile:

Video here:
Mouse stealing the oil from 8K to 3D


Thank you for these videos.


White move,how to use the triangle stone make 2 eyes,no ko?


Big pig mouth for 2D+


I see, the response to black’s best answer came second. Fair enough.

I like the content.

Since these posts have become a regular thing, I moved the posts to this topic to avoid clutter on the main page. Please post future videos to this topic.


Thank you very much!

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Black move,how to make eyes? no ko!


Inverted boots for 3K to 2K


Eternal life is a type of cycle, where the position of the board repeats. Under some rule sets, a game in which such a situation occurs can become void (no result: neither player wins, but neither player loses).

However, eternal life is so rare in games that if one occurs, a Chinese Go text says that:You should buy fish, vegetables, meat and wine And have a good party to celebrate yourself.

This should be the first ever professional games with ‘Eternal Life’ (or Chosei).

This game is more special because it was part of a league tournament so that each player was awarded half a point.

Thousand years waiting to see the eternal life 千年一见之长生


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the famous eighteen and a half point trick play

The extension at Black 5 here is the famous eighteen and a half point trick play (also known as the “nineteen point trick play”).

If White falls into this trick play, Black will give up nineteen points in the corner (hence the name “nineteen point trick play”) but get a huge advantage anyway.


the famous eighteen and a half point trick play


I haven’t seen that one before, good stuff! :smiley:

Also, just noticed that the second line is referred to as the “fail line” lol

Broken ladder of Lee Sedol (AlphaGo overthrow Magic sword joseki )

Broken ladder of Lee Sedol (AlphaGo overthrow Magic sword joseki )


yes,the 1st line is called dead line, the 3rd line is territory line,the 4th called influence line,2nd fail line.

Black move, how to make 2 eyes?
is it easy? No, you need think about it again before you move!


Inverted boots for 1D 倒脱靴 1D

Black move
How to save the 3 marked black stones? think about it!


Video here:
Yellow butterflies flutter from 4K to 1D 黄莺扑蝶 4K-1D

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How to kill the white with ko?

Wonderful move for life and death problems

did it still continuing? the posting?

i think it was a great puzzle