Go videos from small channels

Do you want to post videos about Go from relatively small channels, but not clutter the main Go videos thread with content from weaker, newer, or more obscure creators?

This is the thread for those links. There are a lot of channels listed in Most Popular Go YouTube Channels that many people may not be aware of, so feel free to give them a shout-out here.

As a rule of thumb, try to post videos from channels with < 1000 subs, published in the last six months.


IndieSn’s take on Lee Sedol’s Ladder Game

Go4TheEyes discussing notchers

James Story on table shapes

The Ohio Go School, professional game review

Jianqiu Chen, professional game review


BenKyo (Twitch) is trying to become a full-time Go content creator. Give him some love~

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By Alexey Nechaev (SL)

This an old video (four years) so I’m breaking my own guidelines, but eh.