Quarantined in the Years of the Internet

These are trying times, but thankfully we live in an age where we can have digital company while staying inside.
I’m going to share stuff that I find online (free or at a reasonable cost) that may be useful to anyone and I invite everyone to share theirs. All countries/ languages etc welcome (but please stay civil and follow OGS and common sense guidelines).
I will make this post a wiki. Please only add links here and share any additional info in comments below.
Please try to make the text as descriptive as possible, so people know what it is and don’t have to click on it.

Free Culture

Learning a new Skill

Most importantly


I’ve gotta say, that although the internet is my best way of coping with these times, at some point I am spending too much time on it. You can do so many things, and sometimes the best distractions I find are from me playing a game or looking up a ton of stuff. I spend more than half of my day watching TV or being on my computer or phone. Some of it is productive, but much of it isn’t, causing me to just waste time on it, and I feel that I may get addicted to the internet if I haven’t already. There is just so much conversations and events, which sometimes the only way I know about is from the internet. It’s the only way I can talk to most friends, and when I get on to do that, sometimes I will get distracted thinking about something else, and start to walk away before I remember what I came on to do. :no_mouth:

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Nice list! Trial of the Clone looks interesting and I always wanted to watch the PHD movies … thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Shall we just leave out “Free”, so far everything is free…

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I came up with a new idea for what to do.
Quarantined in the Years of the Internet.
Come here😎
It’s very entertaining all over the whole sight too.

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I’ve recently been trying to learn how to draw people, so I’ve added a video series that excellently explains how to do it.

It’s very tricky, but a lot of fun, and as with everything: if you put effort in it (like a month of daily practice), you’ll see yourself improve rapidly.

I could add links to sites that feature drawing models, but because of (nongraphical) nudity, I’m not sure if it fits within the OGS guidelines.


I have found a couple of things that these days have 90% off promotions and stuff, so not everything is free (haven’t posted them since I’m not sure I recommend yet). For example a streaming service, or online lessons. It’d be great if people find and share them.

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Geometry lesson inside VR game Half Life: Alyx


Another thread asked a more general question:

But my reply focused solely on linking to various amusing forum threads, so I guess that qualifies as Internet related things:


About Frantastique and the other apps from Gymglish.
I have tried Frantastique, it has flaws and I don’t think I’d recommend it at full price, but the idea is pretty good, the lessons are very different and interesting compared to the usual same-old, and 1 month of lessons for free could keep good company to anyone looking to freshen up their skills in those languages.

Live stream starting in two hours:

The ESA online event #SpaceConnectsUs is about how to cope with isolation and features astronauts and a few celebrity guests.



I thought these two videos were really fascinating. I’ll add the channel (which covers lots of things besides just ants) to the first post.


On cardgames.io, I was recently showed a new game by a friend. It is called “Quarantine”. How fitting of our times right now.

Great videos, I watched both at once. (Also, they work great as metaphors).
I don’t remember which book it was, but if I’m not mistaken J. Verne novel has a character being eaten by African ants. I was too young when I read it, I found it terrifying.


Already seen them ^^

Good taste, my man – I think you’ll like AntsCanada.

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Another great ant documentary


Oh wow huge difference when it’s not a cute animation…


I think the time has come to introduce everyone to my girl crush:

100% good for the soul, no side effects.

EDIT: Two of my favorite videos of hers:

And this

Which has my favorite comment of all time:
“THIS is why it takes women so long to get ready.”

This confuses me: how are there Chinese influencers, living properly in China, with millions of followers, while the entire website is banned by their government?

I can understand where the followers come from, and how they are technically able circumvent an internet blockade. I’m mostly wondering why the government allows it…