How not to get bored during a lockdown

Let’s collect some ideas!
I’ll make my post a wiki, so everybody can add something.

Ideas for yourself

Ideas for families

if you can still go outside
  • team up with one or two other families and meet regularly
  • go into the woods, let your kid(s) build something with sticks they find
  • join a network that helps out in your neighbourhood. Does the old lady next door have someone to get her groceries?
  • pass books around with other families
  • go for a walk with a pet

Work on some paperwork

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Learn a language you say???


You read my mind, I was thinking about opening a similar thread myself.
Anyway you can also find some backing tracks on YouTube and record a song. Sometimes I even look for background noises (like rain, crickets, explosions) and create stories. It’s like creating your own audiobook, you can dub it alone or with some friends.
I know, I’m strange. I know.


I did the same thing last year: I took Tolkien’s reading of The Seabell and I set it against ambient sounds that progressively phased in and layered to reinforce the scene: first, the sound of walking on sand; then waves, then gulls, then a ringing buoy…


Another idea is to get drunk and call people you haven’t heard in a while. Or you can do these two things separately.


Another idea:

Watch a SciFi series that perhaps you haven’t seen before. Ooh I don’t know, maybe this one picked at random by me: Random SciFi.


Write on your thesis, like you would on any other stupid day…

and I added something about helping your neighbours. There was a leaflet in my letterbox, inviting everybody to join a whatsapp group.

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Yeah, not much changed for me, I was already spending most of my time studying on my own…

Perhaps I’m browsing this forum a bit more than I used to.


Yeah, me too! Until that language poll and later that library thing and young @bugcat here, lurking around and reading memes was all I ever did.


Personally I am taking this advantage to direct you to 2020 Czech Corona Cup - Official EGF rated online tournament :slight_smile:


So much stuff😯
They are all probably good though.

Man, Fridays with xhu98… :smiley:

Probably not much new content until I arrive safely home :frowning: But do expect more fresh stuff starting from April! One of my hopes is to not let Go players down by a lack of content during this difficult time :heart:


In my rules discussion thread, I called it “Rules Pedantry with yebellz!” in homage to your thread.

Because, if you enjoyed “Fridays with xhu98”, a great thread led by a strong player giving useful advice toward improving your game, then you’ll probably strongly dislike “Rules Pedantry with yebellz!”, which is kind of like the exact opposite.


Bolshoi Theatre broadcasts ballet.


Well,from my side I took this Lockdown as time to get to rebuild or upgrade my relationship with my family,having to wake up in the morning knowing that they are the only people I’ll be in contact with physically for this 21 days makes it easy for me to understand them as individual’s,Our Communication and Interaction makes me forget that I’m even locked down , we Play indoor games,help each other with school work and work stuff, we get to understand how one copes with this Hazardous Issue and make sure each one of us is Calm and Relaxed since we know a whole day in the yard keeps us away from contracting or being exposed to the Virus or whatever people would be locked down from.


I almost randomly suggested the same thing, until I saw your random suggestion.


Build a small boat

Take boat fishing (away from people)

Sanitize yourself from the inside by consuming adequate amounts of alcohol

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Right now all I’m doing is gradually drinking my stock of lychee fanta and cucumber-flavoured tonic water, and opening packages of booze and sweets.