Becoming 9 Kyu - A Series for Beginners


Hi friends. This is the homepage for a lecture series about “Becoming 9 Kyu.” It is designed to help you break through to the single digit kyu ranks. Let’s enjoy it!!

Lesson #1: principles and importance of joseki
Lesson #2: principles of the opening - preparation for battle
Lesson #3: pivotal stones vs. useless stones
Lesson #4: josekis - the 1-space jump
Lesson #5: principles of the opening - corners, sides, center
Lesson #6: eye-stealing tesuji
Lesson #7: josekis - the knight’s move
Lesson #8: opening - big moves
Lesson #9: shape (4/18)

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Where can I find 'how to get to 9Kyu'?

Doesn’t this post warrants to be pinned? (I’m not sure I’m using the correct words)


I would probably say “Doesn’t this post warrant pinning?” It’s only because it sounds right; I’m not sure why exactly the ‘to be’ seems out of place there. I would be curious if anyone more versed in English grammar could enlighten us.


You are certainly correct. I will pin it.



Do you happen to be really good at grammar?


I would say “Does this post warrant a pin?” though, “Does this post warrant pinning?” is also correct.


But do you know why the ‘to be’ sounds wrong? I know it sounds wrong, but I can’t explain why. The sentence “I want to be happy” disproves my earlier hypothesis that the infinitive of the ‘to be’ verb could only appear at the beginning of a verb phrase.


First, “does warrant” and “warrants” are equivalent, but “does warrants” contains two verbs at war.

As far as the infinitive goes, I would expect that “warrant” simply requires a gerund rather than an infinitive as an object that is a verbal. “Doesn’t this post warrant pinning?” “Doesn’t this post warrant being pinned?”

Both “pinning” and “being” in these examples are gerunds (-ing form of the verb). In many cases the gerund and the infinitive are interchangeable as objects, but not for every verb.

In the case of “I want to be happy,” 'want" is an example of a verb that takes an infinitive as a verbal direct object.

Does this help?


I can’t think of a better argument, so unless someone comes up with one, thanks for solving the dilemma, tinuviel. :slight_smile:


Thanks, this was very helpfull!


Totally OT

(Can I haz hide tags, pleeze?)


Thanks for creating this great resource. However, I am having a problem that is probably easily fixed. The comment box where there is written text is rather small and difficult to scroll through. For example, when I try to scroll down it goes past the last line that I read such that I miss a line of text. When I go back up it does the same thing in reverse. Therefore, I would like to resize things on the right so that I can read it more easily. Is there any way to do this? Thanks for any thoughts and thanks for this great website.


You can resize the comment box by clicking/dragging the lower right corner of the box.

PS: I would like to continue the series despite being busy. I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks for the very quick reply. That works perfectly and I feel like and idiot.


When would you suggest to start with this series?
I guess I’m currently about 18kyu and I’m not quite sure whether I should first look for other resources until I hit like 12-13kyu or so.

Is it a good idea to start with this series at my level and if not, what should I try before that?


The author states in his review that it is best suited for those close to single digit kyu…
But I am gonna take a look anyway :smiley: