Go Jokes πŸ˜†

Two 9 kyu players are taking a break after a heavy fighting go game.
One is silent, but the other one is constantly bemoaning the the fact that his rank goes up and down constantly:
I am so fed up with my up and down jumping rank. Yesterday I was a 6 kyu, but a week before I was a 11 kyu. Tomorrow I will probably be a 13 kyu and next week, who knows? What do you think? You are so silent.
The silent one thinks long, looks up and replies:
I am still waiting for @mark5000’s sequel to Becoming 9 Kyu - A Series for Beginners.
The grumpy one looks puzzled:
I didn’t know there is going to be a sequel. What is it called?
The silent one grins:
I don’t know either, but I hope it will be How to remain a 9 kyu.