OGS is proud to host Shape Up!


Charles Matthews has graciously given OGS permission to host an official copy of his book Shape Up!

Please enjoy!

Free Resources for Beginners
The Legendary “Dsaun Shape Lecture”

Can’t wait to read this one :smile:


Oh cool, including the chapters i missed on wbaduk somehow. (13 till end) (?)

very like


=O oh cool! adds to to-read list xD


Seriously one of the best beginner books. I read this at around 15k (KGS ratings at 2004) it helped me very much.




I’ve just started reading this book. It seems a very readable book and hopefully will help me improve.


Awesome this one includes the chapters and problems missing from that korean source (badukworld or whatever it was) :smiley:

So time to solve some problems and read that other chapter





Nice. I don’t get to read a lot of books, but i will give this a try :smiley:


A w e s o m e !



Methinks this thread can use a push — while the thread is old, Charles Matthew’s much-praised book still is a valuable resource, and since we have gained so many new players in the past year … see opening post.


Good idea!


Actually I think this should be pinned for a while. Influx of new players has been huge lately.




Thanks for sharing!
But is the link broken?
Or is it just me?


I think it’s just you; I pulled up that link without issue.

(Extra words, because I originally posted this without the reply and now the forum is mad at me. Please disregard.)