Go Books/Content in the Creative Commons

A handful of go books and other content have been released under Creative Commons licenses. Below is a catalog of those that I am aware of. This post is a wiki, which can be edited freely. Please add more that you know of.


Shape Up!

81 Little Lions: An Introduction to the 9x9 Board for Advanced Beginners

Relentless: Lee Sedol vs Gu Li

Websites, Interactive Content

Learn to Play Go Already!

Problem (Tsumego) Collections

GoGameGuru’s Go Problems

Commented Games

GoGameGuru’s Commented Go Games

Images, Graphical Assets

go-assets: various resources (i.e. images) related to the board game ‘Go’

Go Equipment and Trebuchet Photos

Software and Libraries

Software is generally not released under Creative Commons licenses, since these licenses are not designed for software and might not be most compatible with the aims of free, open-source software projects. In fact, the Creative Commons discourages it for those reasons.

However, a list of free, open-source software/libraries (generally under various other licenses) related to go can be found here: