OGS is proud to host Shape Up!


I managed to download the file with a download manager. Downloading it with a browser alone does not work for me. Strange.

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Thank you very much.

Is it possible to get is in a a different format? epub perhaps?


just convert the pdf online, there are tons of services… Or is there some problem with it?


never mind. It seems Go/baduk books are unreadable in e-readers like Kindle no matter what the format.

edit: and this books is way above my level too :slight_smile:


Doesn’t mean it’s the wrong book to read, though … perhaps rather meant to pull you up to that level?


PDF failed to download :confused:


I just got the same.
Clicked “reload”, still same.
Clicked “reload” again, and this time it loaded fine.


I clicked a couple of times, but still nothing. Thanks for the suggestion, however, perhaps I’ll try to look it up in Google.


Try using a download manager. What happened to you happened to me. Eventually I got it with a download manager:)
or you can download with this link, which is hosted on my google drive.


Oh wow, thank you! That worked.


I think the copy on the OGS CDN might be corrupted. Downloading in Firefox and IE works fine, but the resulting file failed to open, whereas in Chrome, I’m also getting the “PDF failed to load error”. The file downloaded is also 2 MB smaller than the copy @QuanLoh has.


Thanks for refreshing this thread, which I hadn’t seen before. It downloaded fine for me in Explorer, and it is the same as the version on QuanLo’s link. This looks outstanding and covers material not covered in previous (beginner’s) books I’ve read.


The file on OGS CDN is not corrupted, I manage to download that copy with a download manager, but not with just the browser. If anyone downloaded a “corrupted” file from OGS CDN, try redownload with a download manager.


The file itself might not be corrupted, but I think they need to have a word with their CDN.


I have downloaded the file without any problems on Vivaldi 1.7.735.29.

EDIT: Even after clearing cache both links (cdn and cdnbeta) work for me and download the whole book.


@timuzhti Can you try this link: https://cdnbeta.online-go.com/shape_up.pdf and see if it works any better for you?


The CDN beta link works for me. I’ve checked in Chrome and Firefox, and the old link still doesn’t work, but https://cdnbeta.online-go.com/shape_up.pdf does.


Also for me.


Same here.


Now available in print:


The price is good, nice cover, print quality and binding also fine, but pls see the linked thread for critical remarks. It seems that there are some font problems in the PDF which manifest in painfully bad kerning.