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I’ve had the PDFs for ages but honestly I struggle with them. This is a nice thing, hooray for Prime :slight_smile:


So someone posted blurry cellphone photos to document bad kerning in a book.



Well, those photos there in the L19 forum were not from me, and they don’t show the bad kerning.

The book, OTOH, I hold in my hands … wait … while I don’t have time nor patience to make proper scans, I just made a few blurry (and distorted!) cellphone photos to document bad kerning in a book:

Click (and pls accept my apology for the bad photo quality)







This last image shows the mixed quality of the diagrams. The left one still is readable, but one must WANT to read it.

NOTE 1: In the PDF the titles/headlines look OK on my computer, maybe because I have thousands of fonts installed, and luckily also the one used for the titles? Must be Futura or something.

NOTE 2: I’m still happy to have this book in printed form, but as an avid reader and as a prepress professional my eyes and my heart bleed when I see this. Hope to bring myself to read it nevertheless, though.

Or maybe I should wait until I can retire, and then typeset the whole document new … to work on a book is anyway the best way for me to learn its content.


Hm, last time I tried to hide pictures in a ‘details’ tag all it produced was text. It seems it’s possible after all! Now I can make more subtle secret memeposts.

And yes, that’s kerning that even I would classify as terrible. Is that purely a font type mishap or did they first import to epub and then woefully port to their printing format? Something sure went wrong there.

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The PDF looks like those pictures on my PC. I understand that installing the proper fonts might fix the text, but why are the diagrams messed up? Odd that the line width is inconsistent.


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Apart from the bad kerning, the book is actually huge!
Original size of Shape Up! was about an A5 page, while this is printed in A4 size.

The cover seems nice and the spine is quite solid, as also pointed out in L19.


My copy has arrived and yes, the A4 format was surprising but I really like it! I have “go diagram aphasia” and having big pictures helps my poor middle-aged brain.


Just made the 1000th click on the link to the PDF in the original post.