Music sharing thread. Links only. No chit chat

While travelling the road of life I have encountered many good songs. Currently I have been sharing links to these songs in the OGS English channel. I think I will start to put these links in this thread also. This way they will be saved for later use also :slight_smile:
Anyone is welcome to share their findings in this thread. Try to keep the amount of conversation in the thread to a minimum please.
Just post the short description about the music style and then the link with artists and song information.

Example here. (and my first post)
Smooth indie/electro pop
The Wrecking Queens - Pigeons


Blind Faith’s first and only live concert in Hyde Park, London, England, June 7th, 1969
They opened the concert with a cover version of Buddy Holly’s “Well All Right”.

1:13:56 and IMHO absolutely worth listening to the end. EVERY DAY :smiley: Yeah, I’m a hippie :heart_eyes:

First I thought of picking just one song from this concert, but since I absolutely lurve Blind Faith, and since almost every of their songs touches me deep down in me, I decided to post the whole concert. I was twelve at the time, wasn’t there, of course, but it’s one of the concerts I wish I’d seen :slight_smile:

Wikipedia entry about Blind Faith

p.s.: If you put the YouTube link in a line for itself it will be embedded here :slight_smile:


A concert of scores from Ghibli movies which Joe Hisaishi composed.
Movie Soundtracks, varies from epic to peaceful to dramatic &c.
Joe Hisaishi (conductor and composer), a huge orchestra

An adaption of Luna/Nightmare Moon’s backstory from MLP:FiM into song
Symphonic Metal Opera
The L-Train - “Moonrise”

Well, I think I’ve started off with a nice spread of styles. Can’t wait to see other songs. Hopefully this thread takes off a la the “Playing Go IRL” thread.


Minimalist Funk
Vulfpeck - Wait for the moment

I could say a lot about their songs and couldn’t stop to listen to… =)


Some slow paced melodic metal
Swallow The Sun - Cathedral Walls ft. Anette Olzon


Swallow The Sun - Falling World


A remix of “Luna’s Future” from MLP:FiM s6 e8 with priority given to keeping with the original’s artistic choices
Epic Orchestral
Daniel Ingram - “Luna’s Future” - Aurelleah Remix

The third song (and the first with vocals) from a four part musical series telling of a Changeling invasion
Aurelleah - “My Wings Aria” - ft. Joan Silentio

This time I have two tracks by Aurelleah, one from a while back, and one very recent one.


An oldie but goodie - Annie Haslam is one of our most underrated vocalists, I think - Up there with Sandy Denny and Maddy Prior


And this one because Sticks are awesome…


Math/indie rock from Kyouto.
tricot – 節約家 (Setsuyakuka)


(Technical sidenote + link) ≠ chit chat :wink:

IF you see the following in the above or other YT videos

then …

  1. go to,
  2. install the plugin,
  3. click the YT link at the right bottom of the problematic embedded video.
  4. This brings you to the YT page, and
  5. there the plugin will try to unblock the video for you, which, in most cases, works fine, albeit only on, not for embedded videos.
  6. Enjoy :slight_smile:

“folk rock” or something like that…
Strand Of Oaks - Shut In (Live on KEXP)


And now for something completely different:

Wikipedia article about John Rowles: “John Edward Rowles OBE (born 26 March 1947) is a New Zealand singer. He was most popular in the 1970s and early 1980s”


An old Japanese rock song from the 80s I just discovered.
Burgundy Heart by Anzen Chitai.


TWICE - Cheer Up

I am absolutely stunned by both the music and the visual work.


I am SO TOTALLY NOT a fan of the Eagles (Wikipedia link). But this one piece … wowalways blows my mind, ever since I first heard it as the theme music of the original BBC TV series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy a long time ago, in another millenium. Our planet, our whole solar system was in another place then … everything was so different

Got your towel? OK then … wishing you a good journey :heart:

Journey of the Sorcerer

“Get Ready”


A spiritual successor to the above mentioned “Moonrise” detailing the tragic fall of King Sombra
Symphonic Metal Opera
The L-Train - "Fall of an Empire"

Only one song for you today, but it’s been months in the making, so enjoy!


"Algerian Folk Meets French Dance Music"
Acid Arab – La Hafla (Feat. Sofiane Saidi)
The song I meant to share start at 4:15 somehow the integrated player couldn’t handle timestamped links so I moved the link under the title.

Adagio reclaims her voice post-EG:RR
Carbon Maestro - “The Siren and the Seamare” - ft. SweetPoffin & Wubcake

A softer, lullabesque song reflecting on the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon, now with a universally acclaimed animation 2.5 years in the making
Soft Solo
PonyPhonic - “Lullaby for a Princess” - Animation by WarpOut

Two songs which feature vocals prominently to tell a story.