Music sharing thread. Links only. No chit chat

Peter Tosh, One of my saints

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Some hiphop thing

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There never can be too many hippies :heart:

17 Hippies

Their YT channel:

Same same but different: Fanfare Ciocarlia, allegedly the fastest Brass Band ever (but Boban Markovic may disagree :smiley: )

And, you know, because I mentioned Boban Marković, now I MUST post something of his orkestar. This is slow, though.

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had yet another a flashback

Two pieces from the album “Revelation” of the Welsh band “Man”.

“And In The Beginning”

Puella! Puella!

*Latin “puella” = “girl”

Desert blues
Bombino - Mahegagh (What Shall I Do)

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I think this young lady is extremely talented…

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This bunch aren’t so bad either


@Pempu, pls forgive me for “NOT music”, and also for the chit chat — even at my high age I still am a notorious rebel :wink: and/but I also think I can justify both in this case.

NOT music. But also NOT NOT music. Check it out if you’re curious.

Yacutian Voices


These are just two of a billion perhaps a hundred AWESOME high quality sound machines there, all highly customizable.

As a supporter I can even combine sound generators, like “thunderstorm” + “tibetan choir”.
Since I suffer from Tinnitus in several high frequencies, and (accordingly) I’m hard of hearing, esp. in these frequencies, these sounds have a wonderful soothing effect on me, like also almost any drone music like organ, sitar, bagpipe, etc.
Want cat purr? It’s there. Want railway wagon? It’s there. There’s even a subreddit for it:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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A short story slowly reveals the truth as the unreliable narrator continues her intimation of the events
Kagamine Rin - “The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka” - ft. Megurine Luka

A song intended to aid in the remembering of basic strategy for blackjack
Blackjack Apprenticeship - "The Basic Strategy Song"

Let’s mix it up today with everything from a dark vocaloid song to what amounts to a glorified mnemonic. :smiley:


What So Not - Touched (Slumberjack Remix) [Music Nation]


So much music I’d like to show you folks, but I must not post so often in succession, therefore I put them all in one again, but I don’t recommend to listen to them right one after the other because they are quite different, and the emotions they may arouse in you may get diluted.

First time ever music made me cry uncontrollably, I must have been in my early or mid-twenties, perhaps around 1981 or so. A friend brought a copy of their first record on an audio cassette and we listened to it with two pairs of headphones. After a while it gave me strong “electric” feelings and internal imagery, like with bio-energetics or other breathing exercises, or like acid, or some other “disciplines”.

And something totally, extremely different, another continent. I do not recommend listening to this directly after the other one. This is from a few years later, melancholic yet positive mood, and you can DANCE to it.

And again something completely different, yet another continent: South America; I listened to Inti-Illimani a lot in the end-70s and early ’80s.

And I MUST post another one by Inti-Illimani:

OK, adding another one. Back to Europe, the British Isles. IIRC I first heard this song when, in one of my former lives, I visited Deep Space 9.

Read about the song:

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Digital piracy: ergo running over kids with your car.
Weird Al Yankovich - "Don’t Download This Song"

Swearing: ergo drugs and prostitution
South Park - "It’s Easy M’kay"

Two songs which take the slippery slope fallacy to whole new levels. Feel free to correct my genre classifications via pm and I’ll change them; I’m not very good at classifying genres.

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Because no music thread is complete without it…

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Madonna - Power of Goodbye


Nigel Kennedy & Kroke, from the album “East meats East”

Djivan Gasparian, an Armenian flutist playign the Duduk (sometimes written “Gasparyan”, sometimes “Jivan”)

And again Kroke

One more from Kroke, from the album “10 Pieces to Save the World”

And then … I searched for Yid Vicious, a Klezmer band from the US, and an awesome piece which I have in my iTunes library (but sadly DRM’ed): “A Gleyzele Vayn” (Yiddish for “a glass of wine”), but I couldn’t find it on YT. But maybe it’s enough for tonight already :smiley: If you can find it somewhere, listen to it, maybe you also like it. (Note: there’s another song by Yid Vicious named “Nokh A Gleyzele Vayn” [another glass of wine] which is NOT the same song.)

SO MUCH different music I’d like to share with y’all … I’ll never be finished.

Melodic electronic music
Kygo feat. Will Heard - Nothing Left


Another blast from the distant past…

And another…


I don’t usually listen to classical music. But when I do …

And why did I have to search for Johan Sebastian Bach’s “Chaconne” from the Partita No.2 in D minor, BWV 1004?
Because I am currently reading an awesome book by Peter Hœg: “The Quiet Girl” (link to Goodreads).


Kronos - Infernal Abyss Sovereignty.
Death metal.

Ya’ll motherfuckers need Kronos.

Melodic Black Metal

Another massively underrated vocalist and songwriter…