The Meta-Guide to Forums Guides

An attempt to catalogue the various forums guides that link to other threads and posts

Bugcat’s thread guide

  • General purpose guide to threads that might hold long-term interest
  • Under active curation by bugcat

Go memes index (wiki)

  • Partial index of individual meme posts from the Go Memes thread

OGS Community Resources (wiki)

  • Comprehensive list of Go content created by community members
  • Contains both off-forums links and links to other threads/posts on these forums

Handicap Hub

  • Listing of threads about handicap games and a space for general handicap discussion

Topics about the rating system

  • Index of threads discussing the rating system as an introduction for beginners to OGS

Discussions of Ourselves

  • An index of threads where the discussion focuses on ourselves

Some Go Poetry Threads

  • Partial index of other Go poetry threads, within a thread about Some Go haiku

Language Learners’ Library (wiki)

  • First post is a partial index of notable posts in the rest of the thread

Anti-boredom Forums Links

  • A general guide to entertaining forum threads, depicting a snapshot of prominent content, circa March 2020

Index of Forum Games

  • Comprehensive list of forum games

Werewolf Games Index (wiki)

  • Index of past Werewolf games and discussion threads, along with general tips on creating a game

A Poll of Polls

  • A poll that asks about and links to several other prominent polls, circa Feb 2020

Jigo is Unsupported

  • A partial index of threads with feature requests to support jigo

Suggestions for Custom Ladders

  • Feature suggestion to allow customizable ladders for groups with links to previous times that this feature was suggested

The Meta-Guide to Forums Guides (wiki)

  • This self-referential list that you are looking at right now
  • This is an editable wiki, please feel free to contribute!

Note: the older guides that are not wikis will generally be locked from further editing (without moderator help), so hence may become dated.


Why is this in the lounge and not in #meta?


I desperately need a forum guide of all forum guides that do not link to themselves. Could you make one for me?



Seems kind of tricky…

I did think about putting it there, but it’s kind of more of a joke. I don’t know, maybe some would find it helpful, while others would just think it’s ridiculous. I could always move it there later. For now, think of it as a special Regularati privilege.


Go memes winning on click throughs here as well :smiley: :partying_face:

  • Regulati
  • Regularati
  • Regulatari
  • Regulatarii

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In the past, I also wrote Regularti, but wound up switching to Regularati, when I saw @teapoweredrobot use that and I like it more.

I’m glad that you brought up this excellent linguistic question, @bugcat. We really should nail down how we call ourselves. I’m open and flexible to change. Perhaps, you, Latin scholar, would know best.

I’ve preferred ending with the “ti” sound simply because it is more evocative of the reference to the Illuminati, however it may not be most linguistically appropriate

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I just like that regulatari ends in atari ^^

regulatarii is my slightly more serious answer, since that’s like a plural of Latin regulatarius, which suggests a person who “does regular things”, the “regular-stuff guy”.


Err, I did? I hope you don’t think I used it following some deep thought and linguistic analysis. Probably just whatever my phone keyboard came up with…


I liked regularti but you convinced me with the atari thing.


Cognoscenti → Regulascenti
Or Regulasente of course


These are all great ideas! I suppose a secret society could always be known by several names, of course. I hope that such differences would not lead to competing and contentious factions. However, I trust that our society shall prevail and not be divided by inane linguistic disputes. Not like that’s ever happened before, right?

Another satisfying connection is that the vast majority of Black Forest cuckoo clocks utilize a movement branded as “Regula


I wonder how our enemies call us.




What is the time limit to edit a post (I mean a normal post, not talking about auto closing from suggestions categories, polls etc…)?

I believe it is one month for regular, non-wiki posts. However, mods can always still edit or change it to a wiki, so a work-around is to ask a mod to change your post to a wiki, make your edits, and (optionally) remove the wiki status (if you want to relock it).


@bugcat just created this great list of the various forum games that we’ve played:

I’m a bit on the fence of whether or not we call this a guide, if it does not have links. It is certainly a list and provides some meta-data, so maybe it is reasonable to consider it a guide. What do you think?

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Feel free to make an enhanced version with links if you want.


A road atlas has no links, being paper and ink, and yet is still a map: I would consider this a guide.

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I’ve added your index to the meta-guide above.

Would you be willing to make your index post a wiki?

On a side note, here is a great wikipedia article