Go memes index

The Go memes are awesome. I love to refer to them. Only one problem: it’s darn hard to find the one you’re looking for.

Hence this post. I can’t do them all at once, so I’ll add as I go. If there is an important one missing here, post below, I’ll add it then delete the post. Or edit it in directly :slight_smile:

Lord Of The Rings memes (scroll down)
Tenuki and any move is sente.
When can I tenuki?!amusicianrs
That’s not a tesuji, this is a tesujiahd1
We have to go back. It wasn’t sente.Wulfenia
Finally some peace. (wait) That wasn’t sente!mark5000
Just because you don’t know what to do, doesn’t mean you can tenuki.crocrobot
Yeah, yeah I can tenuki…walken
How AlphgaGo sees Go
How about animal rights?b_runner
Leela can’t take your 3-3 if you only play tengen!liminal
Remember when kyus were taught not to invade 3-3 early?S_Alexander
I will train my leelaz bot!b_runner
Me copying Ai - joseki without understanding them!b_runner
Undo please?
There are no take backsies in my kingdom!
So you want to undo? If I accept, won’t I lose the advantage?
How I feel about myself when I accept an undo request.
It was a misclick!
The komi is too damn high.
Response to hane at a corner
Kind of fuseki is this?!b_runner
Bad Shape Empty Triangle
Invade? Reduce?
Y’all got any more of them territories?
Why am I so stupid?
If you are having trouble winning in combat, try getting better at the game.
Don’t play outside the board!b_runner
Played a sneaky move, my opponent fell for it.
Protecting my moyo against dan player
Peeping at the tiger’s mouth!b_runner
When you peep and I have to connect
The book of good shapesb_runner
Go fan kibitzing!b_runner
Look! An overconcentrated group!b_runner
When i watch pro gamestrohde
Ferengi rules of Gob_runner
Spock’s pinch tesujib_runner
Those moves designed to intrigue your opponentb_runner
I see dead stones. They just don’t know it yet.
Two sandbaggers matched against each other.
It was aji keshi!!
I don’t always play joseki…
Thanks josekipedia.
White in a handicap game.
Just one more game he said.
Go has always existed.b_runner
Dan player makes new account, SDK challenges them:
I have a 324 game winning streak.
When people you introduced to go are now stronger than you.
When you’re 2.0K and OGS rounds you down to 3k.
10k 9k
I’m gonna reach 1D in a year!
Trying to reach 1D. Still trying.
Playing a dan player for the first time.
25k Kill all the stones!
Totally screwed, too early to resign.
You could press that conditional move button once in a while.
Waiting for your correspondence move
Y u no resign!?
Oh now I see.GreenAsJade
Waiting for them to fill in the dame
You accepted my time settings…
The classic teasuji.
TFW you talk about memes in the meme thread
C’mon dude! Not a meme!trohde
There used to be a meme thread around here
Gods, Go & Free will
Now that’s a memeGreenAsJade
Error submitting move
The road to a new featureAttorante

(Note: they are all awesome. Items are on this list only because I can’t do them all at once, and these are the ones I got around to so far, for whatever reason :slight_smile: )

(Another note: these are loosely (very loosely) ordered/grouped in themes. If you are helping by adding more, its great if you plonk new ones with similar old ones).


Everyone should note that the above post is a wiki. Hence, anyone can contribute to the indexing effort by directly editing it.


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This is my most-liked meme

It references several other memes and another forum topic

I also made a self-referential version later


So meta!


criminally under-liked imho :joy:


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