Welcoming beginners and OGS rating system (A compendium)

The rating system is one of the most debated topic and It’s easy to lose himself in these many topics.
On the opposite side there are some very recurrent question coming again and again from the users themselves, be in the forum or in the chat.

The main point is that:
1 The starting provisional rank is 6k as of today. Meaning that they have to play a large quantity of games to get their beginner rating. These games will be a full crushing experience
2 Even if they try to get some more balanced games before that, it will be refused by the system (“your level is too high”)

In the idea on a debate on how to make beginners more welcomed on OGS, especially when considering the process to get integrated in the ranking system, i regroup here the main topics which could be of interest.


Main topics

Older but still relevant topic (entry provisional rank at 12k instead of 6k)

Beginners (and access to ranking)

Ranking system explained for reference


If you know some more crucial topics to link, i will greatly edit this post.


So any future discussion should be integrated and replied here?

If so, I was always wondering why not consider handicap stones to be part of the rating system? Let players declare their initial rankings, and instead of assigning rating, assign handicap stones associated with the initial 6k?

This was how it was done historically, where there were no clear “kyu ranking” below dan ranking. Amateur will be assigned certain “handicap stones to certain dan rank” as temporary ranks.

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i have always associated OGS with a no handicap culture. that can change, but just how i (and others?) see it at the moment.

otherwise i think this is a great topic to push and that beginners are discouraged/discriminated against with the system as is.


Hear, hear.

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