How NOT to select players with the question mark rank?


even though I have set the selection option to be +2 above/ - 2 below my rank, the site often selects players with the question mark rank, beginners who often prolong lost games etc.
How to set the options so that such players are not selected?


Not possible.

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Everyone was once a ? Player and have to enter the rating. I hope you understand that.
Happy gaming.

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If this happens, please call a moderator, especially if the game is finished (closed borders I mean)

What @Groin said is right.

They could have the rank “0” and play other beginners. But ok, rules are rules.

sometimes [?] are dans


New on OGS doesn’t always mean beginner

And @stone_defender was quicker :slight_smile:

True, but they will be proceeding quickly in the ranking, then.

so long as they get to play

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If you get far enough from the default rank (what is it 6 or 7k?) then I believe your rank restriction will filter these players out :yum:

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Actually, people at the extremes of the distribution are often the slowest to be ranked, but on the other hand, dan ranks are indeed closer to provisional ranks than TPK ranks are.

AFAIK, for ranking calculation purposes, the starting rank is 6 kyu, while the matchmaking is done through the “humble rank” system, so it is usually people around 12 kyu that get most of the [?] players. (Though apparently the matchmaking system prioritizes matching [?] players with each other if possible – I don’t believe this changes the situation much but that’s what it does)

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Oh nice! Much easier to get away from 12k than 6k (in my experience it’s actually impossible to go past 6k)


I am not there yet. 10-12k recently and sometimes spending so much time playing with people who obviously don’t know the rules and play until the board is sort of full. Of course you can annul such a game but this I find very impolite and I think it can affect my ranking on my way to gat a single-digit k rank. (I don’t expect to get up to any d in this life :wink:

If you annul, as in cancel the game, it won’t affect your rank. If you play too long so you can’t cancel and instead you resign against a [?] player, it will affect your rank almost insignificantly (the mathematics of the rating system takes that into account), so I don’t think you have to worry about that too much.

I appreciate that you’re trying to be polite though :slight_smile:

And I do understand the inconvenience, around the forum the community has been discussing proposals to improve the system but I don’t know if or when the devs will start doing something to help both the beginners and the players in your situation.

I still think that a solution like

“if you are a beginner in the game, click here, and we will pair you with other beginner ranked players (up to 15k?) for your first 10 games”

Would be easy to understand and easy to implement.


Yes, it’s similar to the proposal we ended up settling on when we discussed it recently:


Have you tried auto match? My understanding is that ? accounts are matched with other ? preferentially there so you might have more chance of matching with established players like that.


Yep, my suggestion is simpler, I can’t follow the programming and math stuff :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Oh, I wasn’t implying your proposal was inferior, I think its simplicity even makes it preferable so that it can be implemented quickly. (Well, hopefully?)

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