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A thread for general discussion of handicap Go and posting of resources.

I’ve compiled some past handicap threads.


The spark for this thread was that I wanted a good place to post this Redmond video.

(that is, apart from Go videos)

Another nice attempt to fulfill the lack of organization of this general go discussion category, thanks for your effort.

I’m going to pin it for a few days for myself, the time I explore that list.

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Michael Redmond plays handicap games against his patrons on his OGS account, nine_dan.

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Handicaps for Smaller Board Sizes (SL)

See also this page I made about how OGS apparently does its automatic handicap calculations and please add information or corrections if you have any!


So the third column of the 9x9 and 13x13 is telling me what komi is applied in ranked and unranked games provided I choose both automatic handicap and automatic komi is that it?

It wouldn’t surprise me if some weird things happen if you manually pick the handicap but leave the komi to auto and vice versa. Although you probably can’t specify the komi in ranked.

I think so. My data came from tournaments, which don’t provide a separate option for the komi, so I know there wasn’t anything weird like that going on. But of course it’s also possible that they could work entirely differently from individual games.

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Michael Redmond vs Godave 3 stones :slight_smile:

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