What's new in handicap play?

Have the new AI-inspired patterns influenced the way handicap games are played?

I was wondering for example if in low handicap games (less than 4 stones) we start seeing early white 3-3 invasions or black kicks (cf. diagram below).


You might want to ask this guy:


@smurph I tried to run KataGo on Sabaki but for some reason it wouldn’t work. Not sure what I am missing. I browsed forums and from what I understand you need a special GPU configuration for it to work.

Well, the resident LZ expert is @roy7, perhaps he can help. They have a discord you could also check out.

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There’s a #katago channel on the Leela Zero discord if you want to ask there. I think it can work with Sabaki, but getting it to run on Windows is a bit more difficulty, but doable.


Thanks guys! Yes, I found a build for my Windows computer but I suspect it’s not running because I don’t have a NVIDIA for graphics.

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Yeah he’s working on OpenCL but it’s very early on and slow, but he’s making progress learning Winograd and getting it optimized. If you use Discord, come join us. :slight_smile:

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New katago version in beta, now supports openCL!


Update: KataGo 1.2 is now out of beta, and I was able to run the openCL version on Sabaki. Yay.

I got the files from this page.

You also need the weights from June (I used 20b.txt).

My Sabaki engine configuration:
gtp -model 20b.txt -config gtp_example.cfg
time_settings 0 6 1


Is 20b the 192MB file g104-b20c256-s447913472-d241840887.zip released in June? What do I do with it? Do I extract model.txt from model.txt.gz and rename it to 20b.txt to match your Sabaki configuration?

Thank you, I had been looking to give Katago a try, but lacked accessible instructions. :slight_smile:

@mivo I forgot how I got that file :sweat_smile: but yes, that should be it. The full file size is 290 MB.

[edit] I got the txt files from this thread, which links to an earlier, unofficial compilation for Windows (not openCL).

Yoonyoung’s KataGo challenge (eight-video playlist)

She mainly plays it at three stones (apart from one or a couple on reverse komi), and loses every game. She said she didn’t like the idea of moving to four-stone games, I suppose because of pride.

See also Choi Cheolhan’s impressive 2-stone victory over Kata:

One of my favourite things about the AI revolution is that it’s revived professional handicap play, even though the games are against bots. This tradition had become rather rare in the fifty or so years leading up to 2017.