What's new in handicap play?

Have the new AI-inspired patterns influenced the way handicap games are played?

I was wondering for example if in low handicap games (less than 4 stones) we start seeing early white 3-3 invasions or black kicks (cf. diagram below).


You might want to ask this guy:


@smurph I tried to run KataGo on Sabaki but for some reason it wouldn’t work. Not sure what I am missing. I browsed forums and from what I understand you need a special GPU configuration for it to work.

Well, the resident LZ expert is @roy7, perhaps he can help. They have a discord you could also check out.

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There’s a #katago channel on the Leela Zero discord if you want to ask there. I think it can work with Sabaki, but getting it to run on Windows is a bit more difficulty, but doable.


Thanks guys! Yes, I found a build for my Windows computer but I suspect it’s not running because I don’t have a NVIDIA for graphics.

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Yeah he’s working on OpenCL but it’s very early on and slow, but he’s making progress learning Winograd and getting it optimized. If you use Discord, come join us. :slight_smile:

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New katago version in beta, now supports openCL!


Update: KataGo 1.2 is now out of beta, and I was able to run the openCL version on Sabaki. Yay.

I got the files from this page.

You also need the weights from June (I used 20b.txt).

My Sabaki engine configuration:
gtp -model 20b.txt -config gtp_example.cfg
time_settings 0 6 1


Is 20b the 192MB file g104-b20c256-s447913472-d241840887.zip released in June? What do I do with it? Do I extract model.txt from model.txt.gz and rename it to 20b.txt to match your Sabaki configuration?

Thank you, I had been looking to give Katago a try, but lacked accessible instructions. :slight_smile:

@mivo I forgot how I got that file :sweat_smile: but yes, that should be it. The full file size is 290 MB.

[edit] I got the txt files from this thread, which links to an earlier, unofficial compilation for Windows (not openCL).