FineArt giving 4 handicap stones to 9 dans

On Fox Go Server FineArt giving 4 handicap stones to amateur 9 dans.
it accounts “绝艺指导A” “绝艺指导B” "绝艺指导C"
It played 150 games in 1 month.
Won 100 of them:


New 100 handicap 4 games:


I opened a couple files. Maybe I am missing something, but I didn’t find black’s play convincing. In the third game for example, black ignores a 50+ point ko threat to connect a ko. And a few moves later white still manages to capture all the stones that black connected.

FineArt has been doing that for many many months now, has the news only just reached the west? :open_mouth:

@Issho fyi the initial post is dated August 19.