Allow Custom Settings for Group Ladders

Feature request: allow groups to customize the settings/rules of their ladders.

Various settings that could be customized:

  • Time settings
  • Game play rules (e.g., Japanese, Chinese, AGA, New Zealand, etc.)
  • Whether analysis is enabled
  • Number of active challenges
  • Handicap settings?

This proposal has been brought up in several discussions in the past:

I just opened the following GitHub issue to request it there as well:


This has the potential to be a great feature of OGS which is already strong in correspondence.

The only thing I would reluctantly add is that the current bug of ladder game results sometimes not being processed (positions adjusted) should be fixed first so that the new feature makes a good first impression.

and thankyou @yebellz for putting it on Github which was long overdue.


I know both you and I, and several others, have discussed and suggested this feature in the past (which I’ve linked above). I was actually quite surprised that no one had opened an issue suggesting it yet.

Thanks for raising and documenting the timeout bug on the issue list.


Yes please