Guide to making Werewolf Games

How to make a Werewolf Game

If you’ve been scrolling through some forum games, you might’ve seen some Werewolf Games. Do you want to know how to make your own?

Know the rules

You need to know the rules if you’re going to make a game! If you already know the rules, great! Otherwise, here’s where to go! => Mafia (party game) - Wikipedia. Keep in mind that your players might not know how to play, so explain the rules to them, in your game post.

Make a theme

If you want your Werewolf game to be fun and engaging, you need to make a good theme. You also need to include a setting (e.g. Why is there a Werewolf?), and make a storyline. The special roles have to fit in with the storyline (give them names, and explain how they do their roles). Be prepared to write a page or more per day!

Recruit players

What is a game without players? Make a recruitment page, to recruit players. You should include the theme of the story, as well as some other information (e.g. rules, role names, etc.) Also, make sure that the players are ready / prepared to join, and are aware of the rules. Do not be afraid to ping them, to make sure they are ready to play.

General Tips

  • Remember to stay active. Most games have a two-day day period, and a one-day night period.
  • Have Fun!!! If you don’t enjoy the game, there isn’t much of a point to playing :smiley:

As a player: Be active!
Be active! You don’t want to post one or two posts a day. Usually, people post at least three, and if you post less, you could be suspected of being a Werewolf(although posting too much is suspicious too so don’t try to be a high poster and just read the thread a little bit and don’t post too much). People could also suspect based on what you post (e.g. who is suspicious, why they are suspicious, strategies to win, etc.) so be careful what you say.

Past Games

Completed Games and Discussion Threads

Incomplete/Abandoned Games

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Why did you link to the Diplomatic Go game? It’s not a werewolf game.


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Don’t worry, it’s not really your fault. One player signed up but then disappeared.


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Oh right, that other one. That was totally all my fault of course, but then you handled it really well by giving closure with a story.


that was not at all your fault. that was my fault by being unclear in the rules.

also my role playing kinda sucks and half the time if I need a name I push buttons on my keyboard or just mix around letters of another word(like that it is). So a robot name could be “Trobo”.

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