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2088 Jan 26 16:12

@Vsotvep materialised in a huge monitoring facility, somewhere deep under the surface of Mars. It was here that he found the other members of mission Epsilon, who greeted their fellow earthling cordially. As soon as the initially panicked and confused Commander of mission Zeta had calmed down, the members of mission Epsilon started explaining what had happened.

On December 13 2087, a scouting party, consisting of Farngle Flimsterworbly and Qi Wei, had left Hellas Base with one of the Mars buggies to investigate a reflecting surface that had been discovered the day prior on Euripes Mons. The scouting party had travelled about half-way to Euripes Mons when the remaining three members of mission Epsilon, Günther Morgan, Mbala Mbemba and Oliver Fox Sacks, lost contact with them, because Farngle and Qi had promptly been teleported to the Martian underground monitoring facility. Not so coincidentally this was also the moment when Houston lost contact with mission Epsilon. It was not soon afterwards that Günther, Mbala and Oliver were teleported as well.

The crew of mission Epsilon were greeted by a friendly woman, who called herself Gia. She started explaining the situation right away: she was part of an ancient civilisation, originally hailing from a small earth-like moon of a gas giant circling around Chi Virginis. She was employed by a multistellar company that runs civilisation experimentations, and her kind had been monitoring mankind for the past 20’000 years as part of a civilisation experiment.

The experiment is entirely peaceful, as is almost all of the Chi Virginian civilisation, but part of the contract is that mankind may not find out about extraterrestrial life, since this would greatly jeopardise their ethical code: test subjects may not become aware of being test subjects. The members of mission Epsilon were about to discover one of the entrances to the base of operations, at Euripes Mons, thus it was decided that radio communications with Earth should be cancelled and the crew of mission Epsilon should be informed to minimise the damage.

Of course, the entrance was never supposed to be discovered, but sadly one of the interns of the research facility had accidentally left the entrance uncloaked. The intern has indeed been fired.

Gia offered the astronauts two choices: they were either allowed to be transported back to earth, where their memory would be wiped and they would be able to build a new life from scratch. Unfortunately, human memories are rather primitive, and thus it would not be possible to keep any prior life experiences.

The alternative was to join the company as interns, but this would of course mean that they would never return to Earth. On the other hand, there was a vast wealth of information and technology to be discovered.

It took the scientists of mission Epsilon only a few seconds to decide that they wanted the second option, and thus they found themselves in their current situation.

When mission Zeta arrived on Mars, the plan was to provide the crew with a plausible alternative explanation to the missing crew of mission Epsilon. Three agents of the company, including Gia, were sent to infiltrate mission Zeta to plant evidence and steer the general narrative. Unfortunately this plan died when a part of the memory altering device used on Commander Vsotvep failed (damn those primitive human minds!), and the Commander happened to check the number of seats on the rocket. When the three infiltrators tried to explain this to the Commander in person, he threatened with violence, and thus the best course of action was to teleport the Commander to a temporary holding cell.

After this explanation, Commander Vsotvep was offered the same choice, of return to Earth in ignorance, or an intern position at the multistellar civilisation experimentation company. Naturally the Commander chose the latter as well.

List of people present at Hellas Base

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Name Role
Vsotvep Commander
1 1 1 Haze_with_a_Z Bodyguard
2 2 2 1 Starline Mimic
3 3 3 2 1 1 Samraku (former Sports)
4 4 李建澔2
5 5 4 3 2 2 1 ginger2008
6 6 5 4 3 3 2 KAOSkonfused
7 Leira
8 7 6 5 4 4 HHG
9 8 7 6 5 5 3 Assai Mimic
10 9 8 7 6 yebellz
11 10 9 Gia Mimic
12 11 10 8 Cool_Person Bodyguard
13 12 11 9 7 RubyMineshaft Detective
14 13 fiddlehead

List of actions taken

Crew voted for Mimics teleported Detective inspected Bodyguard Haze protected Bodyguard C_P protected Got MED
Day 1 nobody Leira Gia Haze HHG
Day 2 李建澔2 fiddlehead HHG Haze (actually, the spaceship) Haze Assai
Day 3 Gia Haze Starline Ruby Ruby KAOS
Day 4 Starline Ruby (→ C_P was guarding) ginger Ruby Samraku
Day 5 yebellz Ruby KAOS (don’t matter) yebellz
Day 6 Samraku HHG ginger
Day 7 Assai Assai

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Let’s discover who will get the emoji’s:

@discobot roll 1d13

:game_die: 8

It’s Assai.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

2088 Jan 27, 5:50

–human trying to make ends meet, I have nothing to do with this space business, please… spare… me…? Where the hell am I?!

As he opened his eyes hesitantly, @Leira found himself in a large room made of a bluish metal. There were no entrances or windows, and the only furniture was a nice comfortable sofa large enough to fit perhaps 15 people.

Almost completely silently a part of the metal wall opened up, and Commander Vsotvep walked in with Günther Morgan, the Commander of mission Epsilon.


Leira quickly examined his prison. He was in panic, but drew his might to put a confident face while collecting his thoughts. He was the kind of guy who disregarded any meaningful distinction between appearance and reality. Truth was what you could make other people believe it was.

“Hmmm. Not like the mushy dungeon of those InterPigs, but I’ve been through worse” he thought to himself. ''Oh! There’s that @Vsotvep fella. So, he was in on it after all. The bastard, I’m not even surprised."

He straightened up, and in quick hidden move drew something out of his pocket.

'‘Where there is a jail, there is a key. Time for the good ol’ switcheroo; surely RubyMineshaft won’t miss his silly little pendant, hehehe."

He had to make the power move worth it, so he approached Commander Vsotvep before he could react. A little too close for comfort, that would do.

—Commander Vsotvep, Sir! So glad to see you are alive!!! You have to help us! The mimics have taken over Hellas Base!

He went for manœuvre 104 of the thieve’s manual: half a handshake half a hug with approximately half a second to examine their pockets.


—Good! You’ve discovered that there are mimics in our Base as well! I assume that’s the reason you have been sent over here.

The commander laughed heartily as he patted Leira forcefully on his back during the hand-hug-shake, oblivious to the emptying of his pockets.

—You see, I was very suspicious of these aliens at first, but it turns out they are totally friendly and harmless. They only want to watch us and leave us undisturbed! And just wait until you learn about the technology they have! It will make your astronaut heart melt! Come to talk of it, this morning, they told me what the mistake is in our quantum mechanics, it’s actually pretty easy! Einstein was right after all. Hmm. What do you think of that?

The silence that followed was just long enough to become uncomfortable and to make it obvious that Leira had not the slightest clue who Einstein was.


Hmmm, I guess this is where Werewolf mutates into D&D :thinking:

Here’s what I’m thinking:

There’s time only for one object from each, so, to be fair:

  • Nat 1: Get spotted by Günther Morgan (lose all items)
  • 2 - 5: Random garbage
  • 6 - 10: A pencil
  • 11 - 15: Money
  • 16 - 18: A Credential
  • 19: ID-card as Earthling intern
  • Nat-20: Alien object of your choice

@discobot roll 5d20


:game_die: 3, 8, 17, 20, 11


You found a bent paperclip, a pencil, a driver’s lincense, a small vibrating glowing orb that emits a cold kind of energy and €2,45 in coins.

I must admit that @discobot has rolled for maximal comedic effect.


Oh man, I’m reading the main thread. Sports should have committed to his prank, that would have been epic and, incidentally, a winning move! (kind of reminds me one time a teammate and I won an unwinnable round of Contract Bridge by bluffing the strong suit of the opposing team).

Anyway, the rule of the bait-and-switch says I can only keep one item. I sure would like to keep everything, just in case (even the paperclip can pick a cylinder based lock), but :woman_shrugging:

(scuffle, scuffle) “Bent paperclip, not many padlocks in Mars I don’t think…” (scuffle, scuffle) “A pencil? What a dork!” (scuffle, scuffle) “Huh, money? Let’s see, one euro, two quarters, seven dimes and 1…4…8…16… twenty-five cents! No wonder his pocket’s so heavy.”

He noticed the silence growing and growing.

—Is That So, Commander! I Am Very Glad To Hear That.—He managed to sound almost not entirely sarcastic

(scuffle, scuffle) “A card, no chip, Braille says B1… dammit! A stupid license!”

—Also, I wouldn’t think you knew Aye-in-Stein—said Leira in a lewd voice.

“The Aye! in Stein” was an Oktober Fest themed night club at the far end of the red district that surrounded the military base. Leira’d been there many times during his disgracefully-called ‘astronaut training’. The logo of this establishment featured a woman with disheveled hair and a scruffy mustache cheering with a huge glass of beer. Leira never had any idea that this was all just a terrible pun; he simply loved their policy of serving beverages in no less than a pint.

Leira stopped at the last pocket. “What is this…? Let’s just take it!” he thought, as he bartered the old pendant (most definitely a family heirloom) with an alien orb of unknown purpose. “Now let’s get the f#%& out of here.”

—So, Commander. Wouldn’t you mind showing me around this facility?


Yes, the mimics had a lot of bad luck. What’s more, Ruby found out that Gia is another of them, so if they had killed Sports, then Assai, then Gia, it would be very tough to come back from that for the most silent player of the game so far.

The two former commanders exchanged a dubious look. Günther offered Leira a handshake, losing his watch in the process:

—There’s more than enough time for that, später. Why don’t we start with a good Konversation about your current situation, Sie musst be richtig confused right now.

The three sat down on the sofa, and the commanders explained everything, about Earth, their new company, the mimics, and finally the remaining crew of Hellas base. Leira was about to fall asleep out of boredom when Commander Vsotvep energetically jumped up and started searching his pockets.

—Now look here, I got this marvellous device as small as a marble, but fascinating beyond doubt! It’s called a gloggleglasster

Farngle had come up with that borderline Earthly name,

—and it lets us spy on the rest of the crew! Let’s take a look at how they’re doing. Where did I put it?

Vsotvep went through all of his pockets, but couldn’t find a trace of his gloggleglasster. With a confused look he pulled the pendant out and started inspecting it as if it was the gloggleglasster

—Well have I ever! It must have changed shape or something, it looks completely different now!


Ufff!, this is tight game. If Ruby “dies” w/o telling this, it’s basically over for the astronauts. From the outside, it seems that Ruby’s optimal play would be to wait until Gia has put her foot up her mouth and then reveal he is detective.

Maybe the mimics killed me because I was way off. I did not mention any of the actual mimics except for herself and only in passing. In fact, if that is the case, they’d be 2-levels deep in the deception, trying to make it look like they were trying to hide something I supposedly discovered. But if Ruby reveals Gia’s identity, they’ll see that she’s been indirectly backing up my guesses, and start suspecting of the ones I did not suspect.

This is why astronauts should explain their thoughts, even if they’ve got nothing and die on turn 1 :sweat_smile:

On a different topic. I’m now starting to wonder if the outside of this room is out-of-bounds. I mean, I’m no speedrunner, but a desperate Leira might start triple-jumping backwards on corners if that leads them out :laughing:.

Also, is there, perchance, a radio in here?


Aww, now I feel bad for Haze, the vote could definitely have turned around still without giving away the bodyguard role… On the other hand, the only advantage the mimics get, is that Haze is not the detective, so perhaps it’s not as bad as it looks.


Oh dear! RubyMineshaft has just (inadvertently?) opened a can of worms :scream:. Does that mean Terrihill happened in the near past? If so, how long ago? Are the two Leiras related? Retcon everything!!!

tenor (2)


2088 Jan 27 23:40

It was warm and toasty when @李建澔2 regained consciousness. The surface below felt nothing like the freezing red rocks of Mars, but were soft as velvet. When Vagabond looked up, he found himself on a large sofa, in a large metal room, with no windows and no doors. Commander @Vsotvep was studying some holographic papers on the other side of the sofa.