Werewolf Game 4: Madness of the Martian Mimics


Logbook of Commander Vsotvep of mission Zeta

2087, Apr 27, 17:40 - Log #1
Launch was successful, high orbit has stabilised. No recalibration required until after swing-by around the moon tomorrow. All 12 of us in stable condition.

2087, Apr 28, 03:55 - Log #2
Had contact with Houston about static in communications channel. Does not appear to be internal, but we will take a better look after arriving on Mars. Sling-by imminent, looking good.

2087, Apr 30, 12:10 - Log #3
Had contact with Houston for the last time until Mars orbit. Will now join the rest of the crew in stasis.

2088, Jan 12, 17:30 - Log #4
Woke from stasis. Communications got worse, can barely talk with Houston. Will have to do the landing ourselves.

2088, Jan 14, 07:20 - Log #5
Landing was successful. Communication with Houston impossible, but mechanics claim the system should be working. Backup system failing as well. Short range radio still works, have sent greetings to mission Epsilon.

2088, Jan 14, 09:16 - Log #6
Reconnaissance team reports no trace of mission Epsilon. Hellas base is empty. Last supply log entry dates December 21, eight days after Houston lost contact with mission Epsilon. Base is in good condition, one buggy is missing.

2088 Jan 17, 07:00 - Log #7
Recovered the missing buggy, was found by reconnaissance about 15 hours driving towards Euripus Mons. Buggy had enough fuel to drive back, still no trace of mission Epsilon.

Set up our base at Hellas base, might as well use it ourselves.

2088 Jan 19, 15:45 - Log #8
Something weird is happening. When reconnaissance returned to base today, I found out that we are with 15 people. My earlier log says we should be with 12 people. I know all 15 have been with us since the beginning. We discussed this with the whole crew, everybody remembers arriving with 15 people. But it makes no sense, our shuttle had only 12 seats.

We have not found any trace of mission Epsilon yet.

2088 Jan 26, 16:00 - Log #9
Found the crew list in the garbage disposal, discovered three of our crew members are not listed. Will confront them at once about this.

End of logbook

Chapter 1

After the unsuccessful launch of Mission Alpha in the fifties, the sixties and seventies saw the very successful unmanned missions Beta, Gamma and Delta.These missions lay the groundwork for the first human colonisation of Mars. The first manned mission, mission Epsilon, launched on May 8 2085, bringing a team of five pre-colonists to Mars to finish the set up of the base camp for the full team.

Mission Epsilon went according to plan until communications were lost on December 13 2086 (indeed, a Friday). Mission Zeta, was launched on April 27 2087 and had on board the second batch of twelve pre-colonists. Before the mission had properly landed, all communications with Earth were lost, and the crew members soon started having false memories of their fellow crew members. In particular, mysteriously everybody remembered arriving with 15 people, but the shuttle had only space for 12.

Things got worse when the mission Commander @Vsotvep did not show up for dinner on January 26 2088. The crew could find no trace of the commander, as if he had vaporised. The only thing they could find was his logbook.

During the emergency meeting that followed, the crew concluded that three of the remaining 14 people must be Martians trying to infiltrate the human base. They decided their best bet was to eliminate the Martians by democratic vote.


  • Every player gets assigned a role secretly by me, the GM, at the start of the game. This role will be either innocent, evil (mimic), detective, or bodyguard. There will be three evil players, one detective and two bodyguards.
    For the evil players the goal of the game is to kill all other players, while the goal for all other players is to kill the evil players. The evil players are aware of each other’s evilness, but unknown to the other players. The other roles are secret to everybody. N.B.: This is a team game, so your individual goal is not to stay alive until the end, but to do everything you can to kill the other team (if necessary sacrificing yourself for the greater good).
  • The game consists of day and night phases. The day phase will be 48 hours in length, and the night phase will be 24 hours in length.
    • During the day phase everybody will be free to discuss the game with each other in the designated forum thread for the game. The evil players may not discuss in private during the day phase. At the end of the day phase there is a public vote (by poll) about who will be executed. The execution will only happen if there is a single player who received more votes than all the other players. In other words: nobody dies when the vote is tied.
    • During the night phase only the evil players are allowed to discuss with each other, while the rest of the players must stay silent. During the night phase the evil players decide which of the other players will be killed (in a personal message). The other players who have a special role will do their action at night as well, by telling me, the GM, in a personal message. Doing their action is mandatory for the players with a special role.
  • NEW RULE - Every round one of the players will be chosen at random to be cursed. A cursed player can only communicate with emoji. The curse is only active during the day phase.
  • After a player is killed, it will be revealed what their team was (if they are evil or not). It will not be announced if they had a special role (detective, bodyguard).
  • The special roles have the following actions during the night phase:
    • The detective must inspect one of the players and will discover their role.
    • The bodyguards must each choose a player to guard. When the guarded player is targeted by the evil players, the bodyguard will die instead. The bodyguard can choose to guard the same player multiple nights in a row and the bodyguard can guard themself (which will have no effect, if they get attacked they will die). If both bodyguards guard the same player, only one of them will die (decided by dice roll). If guard A protects guard B, and guard B protects person C, then if person C is attacked, C will survive, B will survive and A will die. If the guard A protects guard B and guard B protects guard A, then if A is attacked, guard B will die.
      The bodyguards are not aware of each others identity.
  • It is not allowed to send any of the other players personal messages about the game, about the players of the game or about playing the game.
    If you happen to receive a message from another player that breaks this rule, you have to tell me, the GM, in a personal message and I will decide how to deal with it.
  • To ensure at least a rudimentary level of participation: every player must write at least two posts containing at least two sentences per day phase. That is at least four sentences per player. Two consecutive posts do not count as two different posts.
  • During the game, questions about the rules should be asked in a PM to me, the GM.


The game has finished. The second half of the story, as well as comments from the eliminated players can be found here.


I have distributed the special roles (3 evil mimics, 2 bodyguards and 1 detective) in a PM. If you have not received a PM from me, you are innocent. Because there are so many players, I cannot tag all of you (10 is the max), so I’ll tag you in two posts.

@Haze_with_a_Z, @Starline, @Sports_for_Life, @李建澔2, @ginger2008, @KAOSkonfused , @Leira, @HHG, @Assai, @yebellz


@Gia, @Cool_Person, @RubyMineshaft , @fiddlehead

The first day phase will start now, and last until 2020-06-10T16:00:00Z.

During the day phase you will democratically choose who to eliminate, by filling in this poll.

Who should be killed today?

  • Haze_with_a_Z
  • Starline
  • Sports_for_Life
  • 李建澔2
  • ginger2008
  • KAOSkonfused
  • Leira
  • HHG
  • Assai
  • yebellz
  • Gia
  • Cool_Person
  • RubyMineshaft
  • fiddlehead
  • nobody

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First player to post!

@Assai, I voted you because you were first if I went alphabetically. First random vote!


—Good day, Captain. Dr. Leira von Zamenhof reporting for duty. I do not mean to be vain, but I am a linguist extraordinaire, hired for this mission to find out more about that rare “Emoji disease” that has been found lately on interplanetary crews. If you need nothing else of me, I’ll be off to do my research.

The truth was that Leira had never set foot on a university in his life. He was a conman and, if not for his many aliases, quite famous at that. He’d been single-handedly responsible for the Space-snake Oil fiasco of 79, and had disappeared from public eye after claiming that the “rapture” would occur some time between 2085 and 2086 (though, this time, with aliens somehow).

Ironically, out of his many interests, languages was the only legitimate one. Granted, he spoke approximately 0.79 languages in total, but this was the thing he really put an effort on. Well, that and document forgery, of course.

EDIT: Oh, the Captain isn’t here! Then why am I saluting the air like a total idiot!?—He thought to himself.


Our bloodlines must be cursed. I remember a story how about my great-great-great-granny’s village had all these weird deaths all the time. Not even space is safe for some descendants. :roll_eyes:

We are scientists, people, let’s get to sciencing. We need to weed out whatever endangers our mission. I didn’t miss all those nightclub outings for nothing.


@Haze_with_a_Z, why are you so quick to cast the first stone?

First things first, we must discuss what manner we think is best for eliminating these mimics. Should we vote to eliminate someone today? Or should we bide our time and delay?

This is a matter of life and death, and not something we should treat as a trifle. Please everyone give your justifications for killing or delaying. If you do want to kill today, you should explain how we should make this grave decision.


Because I wanted to try it out. Also I can always change it, and I probably will, although not right now.


We should vote for the people that we think are enemies, and then discuss them with everyone in the group. We should them come to a conclusion together, and all vote for that person.


—I have indeed placed my vote for nobody to even out the field; I do not think it’s time for hasty action. We do not know the identity of the impostors yet.

The irony flew by him unnoticed. Leira hadn’t yet convinced anyone to join his MLM; how could he ever succeed in this venture if his potential victims clients started dying like flies?


And when are we going to know? We have to take a risk at some point.


So, are you suggesting that we take that risk today? How do you propose we decide who to kill then?


With fourteen of us and virtually no information to work with, ferreting out three impostors will be a tall order indeed. What criteria do they apply in selecting someone to eliminate? What character traits do we look for that might give them away? What the hell do we even know about Martians?

Even to speak these thoughts out loud carries some risk of making life easier for those mimics. You can end up putting a big bullseye on your back. But what other tools do we have at our disposal? We can’t stand around and discuss the Martian weather. Do we play twenty questions? (No wait, forget that. The OGS people at mission control wouldn’t like us mixing threads like that).

I’m very reluctant to start executing people randomly, but it seems randomness is all we’ve got right now. Should we wait anyway? I need to consider this some more.

Doctor von Zamenhof, I admit I don’t keep up with the literature the way I should, but what is this emoji disease you refer to? What does it do exactly?

One more thing. I know I’m in no position to give orders, but I’d appreciate it if we would leave discobot out of this. It does nothing but quote dead people, and I just feel that the wrong quote uttered at the wrong moment could set somebody off, and I don’t mean in a nice way. Things are tense enough here already!


I’m pretty sure I wanted at least half of you to have an unfortunate “accident” back when we were competing for spots in this mission, but since all of you made it here, I don’t see the point of senseless killing on Day 1.
Unless we see someone with a shovel in hand burying our mission Commander, I advise restraint.


I think we should just pick a random person to kill, instead of doing nobody. I accidently clicked nobody so that is why I voted for that. I was trying to find out who voted for what.


Hit the show votecount button instead.
Also @Sports_for_Life, I am now voting for you. What is your defense?


I was trying to but the screen loaded and I clicked but right as I was clicking it moved so it made me vote nobody.


Alls good I found out I can change my vote. What is your defense @Haze_with_a_Z. My defense is why would you get suspicious of someone who is following all the rules such as doing two posts each day, I have done more than that.


It is suspicious to barely make it by. Also you only voted me because I voted you. That is a weak justification for a vote.


I thought it was weak too so I change my vote
and you inspired me