Werewolf Game 1

This thread is for playing the Werewolf game.

The Players

The game is now over, so everyone can feel free to join the post-game discussion in this thread. I won’t spoil the outcome here, but you can scroll down to find out.

For general discussion about the concept of the game or to express interest in playing in the next game, see Playing a Forum Game: "Werewolf" (aka "Mafia").

Rules and Procedures

Players may ask me for rules clarifications via private message if necessary.

The game began on 2020-02-13T17:15:00Z and it ended on 2020-02-19T17:15:00Z.

Day 1: The Game Begins

Day break on the sleepy hamlet of the OGS village. Shrieks awaken and rouse the villagers to town square. The town pedant @yebellz has been slain! His body torn to pieces, clearly the work of Werewolves! As sense of dread and suspicion falls upon the town, the villagers identify two distinct sets of claw marks. There must be two werewolves among us, but who may they be? Hastily, it is decided that the villagers will vote to execute at most one person each day in an effort to eliminate the werewolves. Now, they discuss their decision …

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Oh no, yebellz!

We’ve got to seek justice for our pedantic friend, but where to begin? Anyone have any suggestions?

We don’t really have much to go off of yet, and if we vote to eliminate someone today we risk hurting our own numbers.

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Day 1 Voting

Only the people named in the poll should vote (disregard others)

Who should be executed at the end of Day 1?

  • Vsotvep
  • Gia
  • RubyMineshaft
  • KAOSkonfused
  • S_Alexander
  • Eugene
  • fiddlehead
  • No one

0 voters

The day ends when this poll closes. A missing vote will be assumed as a vote for “no one”. A player will be eliminated only if they receive a strict plurality of the votes.

Note: it is possible to change your vote (before it closes) by clicking on “Hide Results”

I agree. Let’s honor him by practicing the utmost formality in trying to avenge his death.

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We need to find out who did this!

However, I assume there’s no sense in accusing somebody right now. It could have been anyone…


Well, people respected him but kept their distance… Anyone who didn’t really like him?

We will need to check everyone’s whereabouts at some point, I hope marital vows weren’t disrupted last night, or this will make for some awkward conversations…


It’s fascinating how quickly people out themselves isn’t it?

We know that Gia fancied Yebellz - look how often she likes his posts!

And see how distressed Ruby is at the death! They were walking hand in hand in the Text Editor thread, just yesterday! I think that this was a revenge killing!


I mean. We probably have to execute someone even without any information. Because the next day everything will be the same except there will be one less of us.


Fascinating indeed.

I find it interesting that one of our community leaders isn’t distressed by the death of a respected member and is quick to point fingers…


So Gia did it, and she’s a werewolf, but actually lets be calm and see what the seer thinks in the morning? I think this is very sound advice.

I am distraught as yourself. But as a community leader I have to put that aside, and help find a way out of this!



Oh, apologies Gia, I lept to a conclusion, most un-leaderlike of me. Maybe the stress and anguish affected me more than I realised!

I think S_Alexander may have a point - we don’t have to resort to speculation and needless killing right away! [I only just realised we are even allowed to vote for no-killing! :slight_smile: ] Let’s just sleep it over and discuss with calm heads tomorrow.

I agree, this fingerpointing seems very suspicious to me. Typical werewolf behavior, if you ask me. ^ ^


If I would kill over yebellz, I would have killed @RubyMineshaft.

But I prefer to win people over.

I’ll just say Ruby was the first at the scene.


How would you know?.. :thinking:

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Because I am an experienced werewolf hunter. :grin:

Still, I agree with Eugene in one point - I also think we should not just guess who did it, but wait a little before acting - until we know more.

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You are the one with the less regard for our lives… Willing to thin the herd?..

So, check the marks, what can you tell from experience?

You’d almost have to be mad to suggest “let’s kill someone to get some information” wouldn’t you!?

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