Werewolf Game 1

We find ourselves in quite the conundrum. If we execute a player today we run the risk of killing one of our own or perhaps even the town lunatic. However, if we don’t execute someone we WILL lose one more tonight (unless our healer is good at her job) and still not have much to go on tomorrow. I think this is likely what @S_Alexander meant rather than just being out for blood.

We know that there were two distinct sets of claw marks on the body and at least one of us is completely bonkers, that leaves four of us who are innocent today and three tomorrow.

Also a very plausible explanation.

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Second time you try to assign a role…

Plus trying to pass for innocent yourself, that makes three.

You knew the victim’s moves the previous days, like you paid attention…

(But maybe you are trying too hard. I’ll keep an eye on you.)

Oh Horror!!

I was sleeping in late this morning, and now I wake up to this! Even if you were a werewolf, you could have had the decency of just eating our sheep!

I feel this will be the best course of action. The chance that we will kill a werewolf is very small since we do not have any information right now. Statistically we will be killing one of the villagers, most likely, but on the other hand, after there is one less villager, not only do we have a clue as to who is the werewolf, we also have a better chance of finding him the next night!

Also, if we decide to eliminate one of us tonight, we could only kill one of the werewolves at most, so we will definitely lose one villager anyway!


I didn’t know yebellz personally, but from every account I’ve heard, he was an outstanding citizen, pedantry or not.
It’s a grave situation indeed. I fully expect those werewolves to come after us again tonight. They gain absolutely nothing by sitting on their furry hands waiting for a bunch of yokels to chase them with pitchforks. The odds favour them right now and don’t they know it.
Painful though it is, I think we must run the risk of eliminating one of our own. Although I would also like to hear from this seer person first. Assuming , that is, that he chooses to reveal himself.


I don’t care about the seer, but the protector should protect themselves tonight, otherwise we are lost.

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If our small town is lucky enough to have someone with the gift of Sight among us, I would urge that person to keep that information to themself for now. Knowing the identity of such a Seer would certainly be useful for a wolf.


Yes, both our elders should stay hidden.

I say let’s try to find the lunatic first. Afterwards suspicious behavior will be more easy to spot.

Well then, if the seer is not to be heard from, where do we turn to for information? Miserable internet beings that we are, we have no visual or tonal clues available to us. We have only textual communication, a slippery slope if ever there was one.

And the clock is ticking.


This is not to say that we should never hear from the Seer, but for now such a Seer outing themself with no useful information to share would only serve to hurt us. From what I have come to understand about the gift of Sight, Seers receive their visions at night and alas it is only the first day since this gruesome murder.


Just a reminder that votes will be collected via the poll that I posted earlier:

The poll closes on 2020-02-15T12:15:00Z which also marks the end of “Day 1” and the beginning of “Night 1”. I will try to mark this transition with another message to formally announce the outcome of the vote, but in case I am late, I think the outcome will still be clear (a strict plurality is needed to execute a player).

Discussion on the public thread should immediately cease when the poll closes (even if I haven’t made the closing post yet). The werewolves may also begin discussion in their private group message to decide upon who to eliminate. Also, the seer and protector can private message me after that point with their selections.

Currently, zero votes have been cast. A missing vote will count as a vote for no one. Note that people can change their vote before the deadline (by clicking “hide results” and selecting something else).


How would we chose? Do we draw straws?

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Vsotvep is 100% right. We villagers gain nothing by executing someone today, so we should rather wait.

The only ones profiting from an execution today are the werewolves - and maybe the lunatic.

Can you be sure about that? If you do some maths you may find that the percentages favour us as a group prevailing if we do draw straws… even though individually that is hard to countenance.

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So the problem here is that if we don’t kill anyone we’re kind of postponing the inevitable. If we vote no one then it’s night 1 - day 2 - night 2 and two of the killed are definitely villagers. If we execute than day 1 - night 1 - day 2 - night 2 we kill four but with high probability we execute one of the wolves too.

Although in the second scenario three remaining are probably a wolf, human and lunatic. And this is a weird endgame because lunatic isn’t going to cooperate with human to execute wolf. Wolf isn’t going to cooperate with human to execute lunatic.

We could probably build a flowchart of the game. But honestly our best bet is to wait for seer to be lucky in finding wolves.


I for one know I’m not a warewolf, and odds are I’m dying tonight. I’ll try to do right by Yebellz before I go, if we can’t win.

We have to hold a public hearing, and we don’t have a secret channel, warewolfs already know who we are, so we might as well do it right here in the open:

Vsotvep. Willing to sacrifice sheep over people.
Gia. I know it’s not me, anyone who tries to kill me is a warewolf or a lunatic.
RubyMineshaft. Protective of the villagers, maybe cautious warewolf though.
KAOSkonfused. Eager to kill, eager to be pointed at.
S_Alexander. Seems to support hard justice, probably not the lunatic.
Eugene. Volatile replies, suspicious.
fiddlehead. Tries to flush out our seer, suspicious.


I just thought of another problem: the wolves might murder the seer tonight… Then we will have no information for the rest of the game.

The seer can out themselves, as long as the protector will make sure to protect the seer. This way we are guaranteed information for one night, but at the valuable cost of probably losing the seer the next turn… Unless the werewolves do not try to murder the seer, knowing he will be protected, and the protector will only defend the seer the second night after the revelations (haha! reverse psychology!)


AH! but are you a “Werewolf”?! The last case of warewolves has been decennia ago, in 1968, when we lost our lovely general goods store…