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This thread is for the discussion of Werewolf Game 5.1: Trouble in Steelwater Bog.

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I thought Vsotvep’s format for the kibitz thread was really good, so I’m going to steal borrow it.

Active Players

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Name Role
1 1 1 1 yebellz
2 2 2 2 KAOSkonfused
3 3 3 3 kingkaio Witch, Lover
4 4 4 4 Leira Snatcher
5 5 5 5 Gia
6 6 6 Vsotvep
7 7 7 6 Haze_with_a_Z Snatcher, Lover
8 seanp Oracle (Replaced by syoon)
8 8 8 syoon Oracle
9 9 9 李建澔2
10 10 10 7 papavero Protector
11 11 11 8 Sanonius Snatcher
12 HHG No show

Actions Taken

Party executed Snatchers attacked Oracle checked Protector protected Witch action Emoji curse
Day 1 Nobody nobody Haze_with_a_Z papavero none n/a
Day 2 nobody Haze_with_a_Z Vsotvep papavero Save Haze yebellz
Day 3 syoon Vsotvep Leira Kill 李建澔2 Leira
Day 4 papavero kingkaio


Two Weeks Ago

Sapphire took one look at her brother and instantly saw the signs. The subtle yet worsening gray hue of his skin, the bags beginning to form under his eyes, his movements becoming ever so slightly sluggish. There was no doubt; Ruby needed to feed, and he needed to do it soon. At the rate he was deteriorating, she guessed he wouldn’t last another month without feeding.

Steelwater Bog made for a great home. People from the nearby villages rarely bothered them on account of the stories about people going into the bog and not coming back. No one nosing around was a good thing though, the last thing Sapphire wanted was to have to move again.

The only issue with living in a “haunted” bog is that she and Ruby had to find more creative ways to hunt.


Sapphire walks over to Ruby and lifts his right hand to inspect the large ruby ring he wore there.

Brother, how long has it been since you last fed? I haven’t seen you take a single soul since that lost
boy came into the bog ages ago. That must have been 5 years ago now. At least I make it into town now and then.

Sighing, she lifted a hand to her chest and touched her sapphire pendant. She closed her eyes and drew a single soul from the stone and transferred it to her brother’s ring.

I can only spare one. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a good hunt. I think I’ll lure a few humans to the Bog. Should be easy enough, there are plenty of greedy humans in Oguesville…


Ruby finished listening to Sapphire’s plan and gave a nod of approval.

You know, I’ve never known anyone who likes to play with their food more than you, Sapph.


After rolling for role assignments, it looks like our Witch is lovers with one of the Snatchers. This should be interesting to watch.


If Haze actually manages to get people to vote for seanp, it’s going to be a very tough game for the hunters

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Rolling to see who will be afflicted by the emoji curse for day 2.

@discobot roll 1d11

:game_die: 1

Looks like it’s yebellz!

Thoughts on the events of Night 1

I’m a bit disappointed that the Snatchers didn’t agree on someone to kill during the night, but it does bring a bit of an interesting dynamic today.

The Snatchers obviously know what happened during the night, but everyone else will think that the Protector thwarted their attack. I can see this making Protector papavero paranoid about having been targeted since he protected himself.

The Oracle, syoon, discovered that Haze is a snatcher, and he seems to want to try to find more before revealing what he knows. However, since it’s blind elimination, I wonder if a snatcher will claim to be the Oracle first.

It will be interesting to see how the day unfolds.


Can you post the choices of the roles here?

I added a table to the first post showing all of the actions :slight_smile:

Night 2 results are in.

The Protector, papavero, decided to protect himself again tonight. Understandable since he likely assumes he was the target from the previous night.

The Snatchers, in a gambit to hopefully discredit syoon and make Haze appear innocent, decided to kill Haze. Since kingkaio announced to the group that he is the Witch, this move also serves the purpose of either removing the witch from the game or causing them to spend their life potion.

The Witch, kingkaio, took the bait and revived Haze. He appears to now fully believe that Haze is innocent. I wonder how the rest of the group will interpret this.

The Oracle, syoon, investigated Vsotvep and cleared him as innocent.

Let’s roll for the Emoji Curse for day 3. If the roll comes up yebellz, I will roll again since he was cursed yesterday.

@discobot roll 1d11


:game_die: 4

4 is Leira. Bad luck for the Snatchers who I think were planning to claim one as Oracle during the day.

In order to not give the Snatchers a chance to adjust their plan with this curse in mind, I will wait until right before morning to inform Leira.


Wonder whether or not kingkaio will be convinced to not kill syoon.

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He may not get the chance to decide. Depends on how well the snatchers are able to discredit syoon.

If he survives the day, I doubt he’d kill syoon. The other innocents are putting a lot of pressure on him to leave syoon alive, so I don’t think he’d do it.

But then again he seems to fully believe syoon is a snatcher.

What an exciting turn of events! The innocents think they’ve won, but they’re in for a rude awakening :sweat_smile:

There is still a long time left in the day though. I guess anything could happen.

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Ouch, looks like syoon isn’t going to survive the day!