Werewolf Game 5.1: Trouble in Steelwater Bog

August 31, 2020 – 17:30

Twelve people answered Miss S’s help wanted ad and arranged passage to Steelwater Bog. Upon arrival at the Oguesville west docks, they find a gruff man awaiting them on an older airboat.

I see one of you decided not to show up after all. When I have trips to the bog there’s always at least one fella who chickens out. Ah well, all those ghost stories are a load of hogwash if you ask me, but no one ever does so do with that what you want.

Anyway, I’m Burt. I’m the one who’ll be takin’ you-uns out to Steelwater Bog. I have copies of your contracts that you can read on the way out. Get on the boat and I’ll hand them out. Mind the fan blades, I ain’t liable for any fingers that ol’ Tina decides she wants to take off.

Contract (Game 5.1 Rules)


Day and Night Phases

The game will consist of 48 hour day phases and 48 hour night phases .

  • Day Phase
    All players will be free to discuss the game with each other during the day phase in the designated forum thread for the game . The evil players may not discuss in private during the day phase. At the end of the day phase there is vote by public poll to determine which player will be executed. The execution will only happen if there is a single player who received more votes than all the other players. In other words, nobody dies when the vote is tied.
  • Night Phase
    The night phase will be split into two 24 hour sections. During the night phase only the evil players are allowed to discuss with each other, while the rest of the players must remain silent.
    • During the first half of the night phase the evil players decide which player will be killed (in a personal message). The other players who have a special role will do their action at night as well, by telling me, the GM, in a personal message. With the exception of the witch, doing their action is mandatory for players with a special role.
    • The witch will perform their actions during the second half of the night phase .

Player Roles

Every player gets assigned a role secretly by me , the GM, at the start of the game. This role will be either innocent , soulsnatcher , witch , oracle , or protector . There will be three evil players and one each of witch, oracle, and protector. In addition, two players will be randomly selected at the start of the game to be lovers .

  • Evil Players – Soulsnatchers
    Objective: Kill all innocent players.
    The evil players are allowed to discuss strategy and choose a victim in a private thread that will be opened by me at the beginning of the game. Evil team discussion is only allowed in the specified thread and during the night phase only .
  • Innocent Players
    Objective: Find and eliminate all evil players.
    The witch , oracle , protector , and players who have not been assigned a special role make up the team of innocent players.
    • Oracle
      Once per night, the oracle can confirm the innocent or evil status, but not the specific role, of a player of their choice. This investigation will take place in a private thread during the night phase .
    • Protector
      Once per night, the healer can choose a player to cast a spell of protection over. The protected player cannot be killed during that night. Protection spells will be cast in a private thread, and must be cast during the first half of the night phase .
    • Witch
      At the beginning of the game, the witch is given two single-use potions: one vial of Lesser Resurrection Elixir and one vial of Draft of Instant Death . During the second half of the night phase , the witch will be informed of which player has died and given the option to use the Elixir to revive said player, use the Poison to instantly kill another player, or do nothing.
      Note : Draft of Instant Death has no effect on a player who has been covered by a protection spell.
  • Lovers
    At the start of the game, two players will be selected by random draw to fall madly in love with each other. If one of the lovers is killed their partner will also die. The two lovers will know who each other are, but are not allowed to communicate outside of the main game thread . Lovers do not have to be on the same team, and can possibly hold special roles.


Players are eliminated when successfully targeted by the evil team during the night phase or executed by receiving more votes than any other player during the day phase. This game will be blind elimination , meaning that the innocent/evil status of a player will not be revealed upon elimination from the game. Eliminated players are not allowed to interact with the game in the main game thread.

Emoji Curse

The emoji curse from game 4 is back by popular demand.

During each round (excluding day 1), one of the players will be chosen at random to be cursed. A cursed player can only communicate using emoji for that day phase. Cursed players can be any role and from either faction.

Additional Rules

  • It is not allowed to send any of the other players personal messages about the game, about the players of the game or about playing the game.
    If you happen to receive a message from another player that breaks this rule, you have to tell me, the GM, in a personal message and I will decide how to deal with it.
  • Players must maintain an adequate level of participation in the game, as determined by me. I understand that sometimes things come up, but try to at least make a couple of posts during each day phase. Players who are determined to not be participating may be removed or replaced at my discretion.
  • During the game, questions about the rules should be asked in a PM to me, the GM.
  • Players are not permitted to remove content from or delete replies after they have been submitted. The only exceptions to this rule are spelling/grammar/punctuation corrections and adding additional content to the post.

Thirty minutes later the boat pulls up near to the shore on the far side of Steelwater Bog.

Here we are. Miss Sapphire and her brother live in that cabin there. Shouldn’t be too hard to find, they’re the only people who live out here. I still can’t figure who in their right mind would want to live out here but they do…

Note for Spectators:

We welcome all forum users to spectate and enjoy this game. However, in order to prevent the game from being influenced by spectators, please do not like posts from the players, vote in polls, or comment in the game thread until the game has ended.

There will be a separate (private) thread for kibitzing. Eliminated players will be added by me upon elimination. Spectators are more than welcome to join the kibitz thread, just let me know you’d like to join and I’ll add you.

Participants and Characters

Account Character
yebellz Prof. Ye Bellz
Gia Marlon
KAOSkonfused Kayo S.
Haze_with_a_Z Hazel Axeny
Leira James
Vsotvep Butch
Sanonius V. Solis, PhD
kingkaio Maze Lander
papavero Papa Roheas
李建澔2 Vagabond
syoon Roy



People who value peace and quiet, my dear Burt.

A woman emerges from the building and walks toward the group as they get off of the boat. She is dressed in all blue and is wearing a necklace featuring a large uncut sapphire.

You kind people can call me Sapphire. I’m glad you all could make it out here so quickly. I wasn’t sure what I should do. Come and see for yourselves.

She leads them into the cabin. Inside, a man sits in a chair completely motionless. His skin is slightly gray, and his eyes stare blankly ahead.

This is my brother, Ruby. His soul has been taken by a soulsnatcher. We had a problem with soulsnatchers here in the bog a few years back, that’s where all of those rumors come from. I thought we took care of all of the soulsnatchers back then, but it looks like there might be another one around. I hope you guys can help find it and get rid of it quickly. If possible bring the soulsnatcher’s talisman back with you. Hopefully we can revive my brother.

During the night, three players who are out scouting find a set of crystals with strange runes etched into them. Curious, they take the talismans from the box and are filled with a desire to use the talisman to take souls.

The next morning Sapphire finds the box and recognizes the strange runes carved into the wood as relating to the soulsnatchers. She opens the box and sees the three empty talisman slots. She then turns to the group with a grim expression.

Someone touched the soulsnatcher talismans. We now have three soulsnatchers among us.


The first day begins. The day will end at 2020-09-03T16:00:00Z.

Who should be executed today?

  • yebellz
  • KAOSkonfused
  • kingkaio
  • Leira
  • Gia
  • Vsotvep
  • Haze_with_a_Z
  • seanp
  • 李建澔2
  • papavero
  • HHG
  • Sanonius
  • Nobody

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Btw, not killing anyone is a bad choice in this game

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All roles have been decided via random draw and players have been notified via private message.

We have 3 Snatchers, 1 Oracle, 1 Protector, and 1 Witch. In addition, the two Lovers have also been chosen by random draw. If you did not get a PM from me, you are a normal innocent hunter.

Good Luck everyone, and have fun!


As always, I think we shouldn’t kill anybody today. There are still 12 people and if we just suspect someone is suspicious then they could be a vital position.

Sorry, I’m not very experienced, can you tell me why?

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We can kinda gain miskills with the healing abilities and town 1-shot killing ability and we lose that potential by not voting anyone out

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Okay, I’ll just vote for nobody until we find someone to vote for.

Off Topic

How did you make MissSapphire?

A brutish looking man, experienced bounty hunter and former sheriff steps forward. He spits his chewing tobacco in the nearest puddle and clears his throat.

Aah’m Butch and ah ain’t gonna sit here gittin mah soul snatched by none o’ y’all.

Butch plants his left foot on top of a tree stump and sticks another piece of tobacco in his mouth.

Ah reckon all y’all don’t start killin’ people with no reasin, alright? Ah’ll be over yonder if y’all need me.

Butch stomps off into the distance and starts working a piece of wood with his field knife.


Hey, beautiful @MissSapphire, nice hair. Do you come here often?

Marlon leans confidently over a counter, staring at Miss’s voluminous hair. No matter if he lives or dies, he’d rather have some colorful fun in this god-help-me backland before shit goes down.


I think it is still wise that we bide our time. We have an oracle that can potentially gain us information, and potentially reducing our numbers may only speed our demise.

We need to keep our wits about us, and take careful note about what each of us say and do. Also, please mind the alligators, we don’t need them to thin us out even further.

Prof. Bellz, from the Dept. of Cryptozoology at the local backwater campus of State University, found a seat to ponder the predicament that he now found himself in. However, while trying to formulate a plan for action, he was quickly distracted with pedantic thoughts.

Thinking ...

How were the locals pronouncing the name of this town again? It’s clearly spelt as “Oguesville” on the signs and maps, but it seems like the townsfolk were generally saying something like “Oh-Gee-Ess-ville” in their local pidgin dialect.


Well, since the only way to get rid of bodies is to feed them to the gators, it offers us no useful information to kill someone just 'cause they looked at us funny. It’s not like bodies will sparkle when they kick it and tell us if we’re in the right direction.
Better keep our gunpowder dry for when we’ll really need it.


I live here.

I found something in Ruby’s things. I don’t know if it’ll help us but it might be useful to know what you’re up against.

Excerpt from Oswaldo’s Monster Manual Second Edition


Any one of a group of soul capturing crystals or the avatars under their control.

Since the end of the Stone Eater - Soulsnatcher War in 1327, all true soulsnatchers are thought to have been sealed in crystal talismans bearing magical Stone Eater runes and to be bound to the Stone Eater who captured them. Today’s soulsnatchers are merely the talismans, which when touched by a human, can capture the soul directly. After a soul has been captured, the soulsnatcher within the crystal can take control of the victims body for as long as the talisman is in the avatar’s possession.


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I agree with yebellz here, I think we should at least wait one more night and see what the oracle finds out.


After all those generations of oracles, I wish they had a trade tradition by now to leave a note behind, in case they bite it.
It’s like in the movies, where the chick is dying and utters “the killer, the one who murdered me, that traitor who took advantage of my trust, the killer is one of us, the killer is–” dies.


Plaid shirt, worn out jeans and almost a cowboy hat, James was a sight to behold. His complexion clearly wasn’t made for the hard work of his family’s potato farm, and you’d get had a strong suspicion that this boy was underage. There were no weapons on his person.

Stuffed on his shirt pocket was the crumpled contract from Steelwater Co. and a very old iPod. Everyone within two meters distance could clearly hear the music thundering out from his taped out earbuds

Now playing...

He climbed down of the boat, his head dangerously close to the fan blades; minding no one, he went up to sit on the log bench in the corner until the song was finished.

After a long and infuriating pause, he plugged his earbuds off and ceremoniously stored them in the same pocket.

—So, soulsnatchers and crystals, got it!—he said in a plain voice.

—You know, before coming here, I went to the public library and found a book from “Bellz et al.” that talks about it at great length. It is very interesting! There are stories about ghosts, and werewolves…—he rolled up his sleeve to reveal a werewolf tattoo on his forearm—I love this kind of stuff.

Someone else was about to say something, but James kept talking.

—He says that it is never a good idea to act rashly on the first day. I mean, even though they are magical monsters, they are more mundane than we think. People die because they fall for their lies, but if we pay attention we might reveal their deceit.

He kept talking a bit more.

—So, paying attention to what they say, and who they try to turn against whom. I mean, I agree, the only problem is that with soulsnatchers we won’t know who they are even if we killed them, and I haven’t yet figured that out. If we had an oracle, it would be great, but we have to defend them with our nails and teeth… wait… wha…?.. we do!? That is awesome!


So, we’ll be seeing more of you in the future?.. winks.


I shall end this day voting someone. I may not know who yet, but I think that this will give us a bonus chance, and so I will try to follow that path. I came here to go monster hunting, now I am still here to try to live. If I can’t live until the end, I trust that others will be able to finish what we started doing on this day, and then finish monster hunting for me and clear out all of the monsters.

For now, I shall just use my magic to change into a bird and go for a flight to calm my mind.