Robots in Terrihill: Werewolf Game 3.0

Sorry I am late everyone.

Robots in Terrihill game 3.0 as told through the perspective of Milxey(10 years old).

Two nights ago, we all discovered that Haze had a secret. A big secret. He had been experimenting on Robots, well humans that he turned into robots. Even the mad scientist Vep didn’t know about it. Their only weakness was their heart, in the same place as a normal human’s heart. The only way to kill them is if you defeat their heart. I am really worried about the robots, because really, I don’t want to die. That is why I am asking for your help. Please kill the robots for me. We will all die if you don’t kill them, and if you do kill the robots, we will live. Please help make Terrihill that safe town again. What Haze did shouldn’t have to affect us all, and the town, forever.



Note: these do not change, you are assigned a role for the entire game. If someone with one of these roles dies, no one else will receive that role. Everyone will know what role each person had when they die because the town decided to inspect each dead person’s house to see if they have any more information about the robots.

Note 2: Please do not quote the PMs that I send, although you can share the information on them.

Robots - The enemies. The goal of the game is to kill them(unless you are a robot. If you are a robot, you win when everyone else is dead. They get to use their laser once per night to kill a human because for some reason, a reaction will occur and stop both of their hearts if they both use an ability and come within a 1 mi radius of each other before a charge. They both go out to kill together, but only one actually does the killing. They are too focused on killing the rest of the townspeople, so they will try and kill someone every night, even if they failed the night before. They know who each other are.

Robot Detective - One of the enemies will get to choose someone to find out that person’s role. The robot detective may inspect the same person multiple nights in a row. They set up a security cameras hidden in someone’s house overnight and, they can see what they have been up to that night.

Detective - One of the non-enemies(normal humans) will get to choose someone to find out that person’s role. The detective may inspect the same person multiple nights in a row. They set up a security cameras hidden in someone’s house overnight and, they can see what they have been up to that night.

Protector - One of the non-enemies will get to choose someone to protect for one night. The protector will get to choose one person to protect overnight from the robots. The protector may protect themself. Each night they will set up an electrical trap which messes up the robot’s senses of direction and people. This forces one robot to have to use an ability on both of them to get out of the trap. They then no longer are able to kill, and will go back home without a kill that night. The protector may not protect someone two nights in a row to prevent their identity from being seen by those unwanted robots.

Assaulter - One of the non-enemies will get this role. They have the option to kill someone each night with their really powerful gun. If they do kill someone though, they will die regardless of the person they kill’s role because this gun will also recoil and kill you. The assaulter is not required to perform this action during the game, instead it is just a choice. This action still goes through even if the robots plan to kill you.

Townspeople - Everyone, robot and human. Not everyone receives a special role, but everyone is a townsperson who lives in the town of Terrihill(in addition to your other role).


During each day, there will be an open poll that is set to close when the day phase ends(this means your vote is public to all). Before that, you may change you vote though the poll as much as you want. Voting for no one is an option. In the event of a tie, if everyone has voted for 2 people and it is a tie, both will die, unless it is the final 2 and then nothing will happen. If it is not a tie, whoever has more votes will die. If it is a tie between 3 or more people, or votes have been spread among more than just the 2 people in the tie, no one will be killed because the town was too divided on who to kill.

Day and Night Phases

During the Day phase(48hrs/2d):
Feel free to use this thread to have a discussion with your fellow citizens of Terrihill, and do not talk about this game using other threads or PMs unless you have a rules question(or something similar). You have this time to decide who to vote for, and tell everyone what you think about what you guys should do, and the situation. Each person may talk as much or as little as they want during this period.

During the Night phase(24hrs/1d):
Please do not use this thread to have any sort of discussion. If you are feeling restless overnight, feel free to do something in your own house, but please do not leave your Terrihill house to stage a discussion with your fellow townspeople. To use an ability, you will PM me if you have this option and want to, although please do not spam me with PMs if you do not have an ability. I will mention whether or not you have an ability in your role PMs.


Please do not chat, vote, or like stuff in here if you are not participating.

First day ends 2020-05-24T16:00:00Z

Who will win? Find out after this game:D

You may now start.


Voting Poll

  • HHG
  • 李建澔2
  • Sports_for_Life
  • Gia
  • ginger2008
  • Vsotvep
  • yebellz
  • KAOSkonfused
  • No One

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Who do you think will win (updated) so there are two robots and four normal people left I believe so if you count numbers townspeople have more but they are down the human detective and also protector so it is a tough one to think because the normal people doesn’t no who the other detective is but I guess the Normal people will win

You don’t need to count @kingkaio vote because he isn’t partiscipating

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Let’s take this seriously. We need to work together and logically if we are to defeat the robots.

This “game” is not to be won by individuals. Either the robots win as one, or the townspeople win as one. Even if some of us die along the way, we should consider it a victory if our team prevails. If needed, I will lay down my life for the sake of the town.

Like similar situations that our bizarre forum town has found itself in in the past, I think our best option would be to not kill anyone on the first day. I think it is unlikely for the robots to reveal themselves, so we would at best be guessing (and the robots would vote strategically to protect themselves). As we proceed, we should carefully analyze the voting and positions of everyone to determine if they reveal anything, and hopefully we might eventually get some useful information from the detective. Besides keeping any special abilities we might have secret (until it is strategically opportune to reveal information), we should play the game honestly and leave it to the robots to implicate themselves through their duplicity and manipulations.

Unlike other flawed situations, I don’t believe we can force a win by revealing roles on the first day (but think through this logically, since I could be wrong). However, as the situation progresses and the information changes, we might find ourselves in that position. Whoever the detective is should think carefully about when and what to reveal. We should all discuss the logical implications of what we learn each day carefully.

If we can force a situation where a strict majority of us are confirmed to be innocent (equivalently, if we can reduce the robots to residing within a strict minority), then we will win. Also, if we have the robots narrowed down that this situation is inevitable, we will also win.

Also, everybody, please check in every single day. Discuss what you think is the best course of action, who you suspect, how we should play, etc.


’Tis I, mighty Vepvots, the slayer of robots, a talker of truth, experienced sleuth, the terror of ghosts, but first and foremost a fellow in sorrow, because yestermorrow my brother was slain! I’ll fight through the pain in life solitaire. I solemnly swear that vengeance will come. We will not succumb!

Mechanical fiends, outrageous machines, your days have been numbered! Your previously slumbered synthetically made existence will fade.

Now I shall retreat. If ever you need a slayer of robots, just call mighty Vepvots.


We have 8 players total

  • 2 are Robots
  • 6 are Innocents

Of the 6 innocents, there are

  • 1 Detective
  • 1 Protector
  • 1 Assaulter
  • 3 Regulars (no role)

If we do not kill someone on Day 1, the robots kill a regular on Night 1 (50% chance if they randomly pick), and the detective either discovers a robot or confirms the innocence of the regular that was not killed (4/7 chance, conditioned on the robots killing a regular), then it might be possible (although I have not worked out all of the possibilities), that revealing everything we know (our roles, and the investigation result) on Day 2 could possibly force a win for us townspeople, regardless of how the robots might attempt to lie.

Am I correct? I’m not sure, and asking for all of you to help think through various logical scenarios. We need to be logical in order to beat the robots.

Note: At this point, I am not saying that we necessarily reveal our roles now or on day 2. I just want to have a discussion about potential strategy, and whether/when it might be a good idea to reveal information.

We can always think carefully about it before revealing information later, but can’t unreveal information once we’ve let it go.

Think of the above as a logic puzzle. @Vsotvep, I believe you like puzzles. What are your thoughts?


I am the (to be filled in when the game ends ) haha didn’t leak here so play attention for a edit

Did you just leak that you aren’t a robot?i can die by getting killed by both sides you know so I didn’t leak but you referred townspeople as us can’t tell you if I am in the group you referred as us.

It is in the morning now, I wish it was night though (in the game)

Sigh, I guess you didn’t really understand the rules or what’s going on in this game…

This is a team game. It doesn’t matter if you get eliminated, what matters is whether your team wins.

The robots already know who each other are, and hence know who is an innocent townsperson. The townspeople don’t know who is innocent or who is a robot, so we are trying to figure it out.


I know it is a team game so I made it so that you can vote for multiple people

The robots are probably better in calculating probabilities than we are, but we must not give up and find a way to defeat them!

yebellz’ idea sounds good to me. Let’s think logically… :thinking: (it’s been a while since I last did that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
So, the teams are 2:6 now. The worst case for us townspeople is that in the first night, someone with a special role is killed. We’d then have 2:5 and the 5 would be 3 regulars and 2 special roles. Let’s assume we would agree to disclose our roles then.

Scenario 1:
The robots could pretend to be regulars - in this case, there would be 5 people claiming to be regulars, possibly without the detective having any information about those 5, so if we would decide to kill one of them, there would be only a 40 % chance to kill a robot, but a 60 % chance to kill a townsperson.

Scenario 2: One of the robots would pretend to be the detective and the other one would pretend to be a regular townsperson. It would be a bad idea to kill any townsperson then, because the ratio would be 25 % to kill the robot and 75 % to kill a regular, so we would focus on the two detectives, which would give us a 50/50 chance. If we’d accidentally kill our own detective, The situation would then be 2:4, and after the following night it would probably be 2:3. At least we would know for sure then that the other one is a robot and that the information our detective provided was correct, so we could be rather sure that the 3 remaining townspeople would vote to kill the robot, and we’d have 1:3 - while maybe still not knowing who the other robot is. That would be a close game. :open_mouth:

So I conclude, if someone with a special role is killed in the first night, we should not disclose our roles on the next day.


It worries me plenty that during these 20+ hours of waiting for others orating, we’ve heard not a sound in this opening round of half of the players. How can the betrayers, those robots, be purged if I, fully immerged in the RP aspect, am alone, in effect, with our Chinese-named pals 李建澔 and yebellz, and KAOSkonfused (you three are excused)?

Additionally, democratically we seem to have chosen (the poll isn’t frozen) today no one dies. This is in my eyes the best choice, indeed. We innocents need intelligence first or our terrible thirst for revenge will no doubt very likely knockout inculpable people, no robot disciple.


@Gia , @Sports_for_Life , @ginger2008 , @HHG , what do you think, what should we do?


Just like @Vsotvep said, we need to gather some intelligence, then figure out the next step.


Why must our peaceful town of Terrihill always suffer from robots? Haze, would you please stop working with robots?

Right, I forgot about this game. I believe that we should wait until the next day, before voting. The best course of action would be not to kill anybody. Without any information, it is much more probable for us to kill a townsperson than it is for us to kill a robot. If we kill a robot, 1:5 (because the robot will kill somebody), the game is basically won. However, if we kill a townsperson, 2:4, we are likely to lose. Because 2:4 is more likely than 1:5, obviously, we should vote for peace.


No, I meant probable (as in likely).

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Oh ok thanks my English isn’t that good so I didn’t know but I will try to work on probability words now


They might not have a chance to be online yet I once took a few days break .

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