Translingual Shiritori

In this thread we play shiritori, but across languages. It could be a fun way to practice our vocabulary.

The rules of the game are as so:

  1. When it’s your go, you take the last two letters of the previous word and use it as the start of a new word. Add an English translation of your word as well.

  2. Your word must end in a consonant and then a vowel.

  3. You can use any Romanisation scheme, but only unadorned Latin letters can be passed on.

  4. You can inflect your words in any way grammatically possible.

  5. You can’t pass on Q, V, W, or X.

  6. [C / K], [F / CH], [L / R], and [S / SH / Z] are interchangable. (These digraphs are like one letter.)

  7. Proper nouns are not allowed.

So, Latin scribo (I write) ==> Japanese boku (僕, me) ==> Latin cumulo (I pile up), and so on.


I’ll start with Latin porto (I carry)

German: Tomate (tomato)

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Latin tela (spears)

Could my word be english? It isn’t very clear in the instructions about this.

It can be English, yep. It can be any language as long as you romanise the text.

Ok, then my word is lane. English for Lane:)

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What does it mean to romanise text?

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To take it out of a script like kanji, kana, Arabic, etc. and into the Latin alphabet.

Latin nemo (no-one)

Spanish Mono - Monkey

Wait, was I supposed to bold the word? Now it is:)

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Latin nobile (noble, adj.)

Me looking around trying to make a word magically appear for myself to put. :eyes:
I am trying to go the harder route, without giving another English word, and without looking at any of my language notes - well besides my incomplete Japanese ones.

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Remember that you can convert le --> re if you want to, which will let you go to Japanese.

I already forgot the rules :no_mouth:
I forgot about those changing letter things.

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rei - king I think
let me look it up

wait wrong rules

Remember the ending rules. c:

I need to remember the rules:) I keep forgetting them. I was about to do rex, but I can’t pass on an x.

You can inflect it though, right? ^^