Translingual Shiritori

I don’t know what that means. I am sorry.

I see an ending that works for you this table :stuck_out_tongue:

It means “in the king” or “using the king”. Like “in the king is the heart of a commoner”.

I can’t say I remember 4th or 5th declension though…

Oh, I barely remember any declensions. But the more you practice vocabulary, the further it embeds c:

OK, we had nobile on the board, remember.

Is renkin a word?

Sorry I forgot the rules again.

ending rules I’m afraid :confused:

haha, no worries

How about Le - french for the.
I so thought it was part spanish until I looked it up.
I am sorry my only other thought is recuperate.

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Yay! I’ll have Latin lenticula (lentil)

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You know so many words!

Not quite – I thought it was lenticulus and I was going to have lenticuli, the plural. I was corrected when I checked the dictionary.

I am out of ideas. I came up with another le one though. I am going to look through my spanish Naruto vol 9, which I can’t actually read:)

;__; don’t give up

Someone else is here so I don’t need to go:)
Spanish Naruto wasn’t a big help though. I don’t like reading it and not knowing what is happening.

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Chinese labi (crayon) [looks very strange to write pinyin without tone marks]



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Latin bifida (split in two, adj. for fem.)

Esperanto danĝera (dangerous)

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I finally come up with one, and it breaks the rules.
Just sharing it anyways:
lapiz - pencil in spanish

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I’ll save this one for you if you take it now ^^