Fridays with xhu98 (Cornel Burzo special coming up!)

Hello there everyone!

The other day our fellow friend @mlopezviedma asked me about a few situations in the openings that we all easily mistake of. After spending hours answering them, I have a feeling that walking through those questions together will be a great way to clarify those shared questions among us.

I therefore had the idea of creating a Q&A program called “Fridays with xhu98.” :smile: The schedule is to answer some of the asked questions throughout the week and release the answer every Friday. Now, this idea was inspired by a YouTuber called PewDiePie (see if you wanna check him out, he has 30M subs) :wink: Put that aside, I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to connect with each other in those game-specific questions. Even I, after trying out every single variation that I could think of, have found a lot of treasurable things I didn’t discover earlier.

UPDATE: As the number of issues is growing, I have decided to archive all the SGF files in this shared Google Drive folder: Also, from now the newest issue will always appear on top. I’ll also do regular clean-ups to ensure shorter scroll time for you guys! :blush:


#Thank you for every visit, every like and every piece of advice! :smile:

##For an archive of the first 20 episodes (Seasons 1 & 2,) check out this archive thread.
##For an archive of episodes 21-40 (Seasons 3 & 4,) check out this archive thread.

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Thanks again, great idea!

I admit, though, that this is more than I can currently digest … I wish I had more time …

Also, I must say that I love your SRS review. Food for my brain that will last for a long time, and I’ll be returning to this review again and again.

Regards, Tom


Thanks a lot for this and your SRS review!

I kinda lost on the variations though… (is there some way to know which one I’ve read and which one I haven’t?)


This version: is better for studying the variations.


Thank you very much. :slight_smile: A fine read!


Thank you so much for support :sunny: @trohde @arczyx @sefo @Franzisa

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Thanks a lot for the answers, @xhu98! I imagined they would be interesting not just for me, so I’m happy that you’ve shared them. Looking forward to those fridays! :smiley:


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Awesome! Thanks a lot for this… is there some way to add these games to my library collection, other than downloading and re-uploading the SGF file? I would be particularly interested in a solution that allows the original file to be modified, and my library showing the latest version then.

And a new question for next time (no idea where to ask them?) :
When black starts with 4/4 and adds an extension in the form of a knight’s more or one-space jump to that, I am aware that there is an invasion point on the second line (on the side opposing the extension). With just these two black stones, the invasion is guaranteed to live (at least I believe so :smile:), but so should the standard 3/3 invasion, so my question is: when do you prefer to invade on the second line, and which parts on the board become relevant for the decision and/or potential variations?

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Hey there @Erasmas,

Actually that is what I did…I downloaded and re-uploaded the SGF to my library, and uploaded it on the forum. The SGF linked in this post is the original release. Hopefully there will be a way for us to sync demo boards in SGF collections… :smile:

Thanks for your question! You can also play your questions in a demo board and put in some move comments. I’ll start answering them once you send the demo board link to me!

Sure… here’s a demo board, though it doesn’t really add anything to my post above :smile:

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Hello all,

I have released the second “Fridays”, and this time for length constraints I didn’t get to include every single submitted question. I could have answered them much quicker, but that’s not the purpose of having this program. Our goal is to take everything seriously. :smile: This time I did a mind-blowing study of some star-point corner invasions, and so I couldn’t include them too many at a time because I don’t want each week’s stuff to take forever to read…( so tired right now :smiley:)

Anyways, I just want to tell you guys to not worry if your question is not listed among the current week topics. I will answer EVERY one of them, and in the process of finding solutions to them we shall all learn.


Many thanks for all the details on the 2-4 invasion. I will have to try that now in a few games (meaning I’ll lose a few stones again :blush:).

Just a minor note: would you mind in the future to split up the sgfs into separate ones for each topic? I’m would like to copy these into my SGF Collection, but naming/finding things becomes tougher if you mix corner invasions and game reviews into one.

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Hey @Erasmas,

Very good suggestion! I’ll start doing that from next week.

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How to win against such opponents can be answered in one word: fundamentals. When a person plays a great deal, but still makes no progress, it is because their fundamentals are all wrong. “Fundamentals” should be interpreted in a broad sense, as one’s whole approach to the game. Think of a tall skyscraper that gives itself to the wind, with only its foundation planted firmly in the ground.

In reviewing your game, xhu must have thought it was black’s poor mentality that merited attention. Your opponent made thorough use of black’s compulsion to defend territory. Black seemed to be thinking, “How good it is that I have defended 3 corners.” But it is wrong! Black had been taken in by white’s threat. By move 26, the game already looks good for white. The point is you cannot win by defense alone. You have to be defiant enough to ruin your opponent’s plan too (what you have called “Korean style”).


too bad I can’t double-like :wink: :heart::heart:


I won’t call it “poor mentality” because that will sound too critical and negative… :smile: The point I am trying to make here is (well, I talked about kiai), you have to be progressive instead of passive in order to win the game. And it’s not just the matter of “Korean style” either: nowadays in professional Go playing, the ones who fail to optimize their aggressive play to its utmost are much less likely to win. It’s true in other sports, too: playing solid and defensive can do you good, but JUST doing that is not going to let you win…


You’ve done double-like possible, @trohde. They can give like to yours. :smiley:


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