Fridays with xhu98 (Cornel Burzo special coming up!)


LinuxGooo, I tried to provide some concreteness in a small review until 45. Find it here:


Great work @mark5000 :sunny: Awesome as always


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That’s very good to hear @LinuxGooo - mark5000 has done some excellent work and those variations altogether should help you a lot!

I agree with what you’ve said regarding “level jumps” - a lot of players seem to play hundreds and even thousands of games but they don’t improve much in skills, because they never sit down and review and think about all those moves. Here at OGS we’ve got great people who volunteer to do those things, which makes it the best place for learning and improving.

Now, when you read those higher reviews, sometimes you might see this alternative and exclaim “Yeah! I should have totally done that!” or like “Oh, that’s smart!”. Especially when you watch those High dan games, you might think, “oh, that move’s FANCY”…But after all, the reviewers will be throwing stuff at you (which they already can see) - they already know what’s going on. Therefore, the effectiveness of these teaching stuff still depends on the reader…on how you perceive those reviews and how you make a change in your next games.

You talked about “creativity” in discovering alternative concrete moves. Well, excluding from natural talents, all alternative scenarios are accumulated one by one. Hence why it takes years and years to become a high Dan or even professional…Those people have seen many, many situations and when they see it, they are not panicking because they know how to deal it in the optimal way. And don’t worry if you are stuck after playing for 6 months…patience is really a virtue in studying Go. I myself have played Go for nearly 12 years (since I was a kid) but I’m still on my way to improve. Why? Because there are still some good alternatives I can’t see.

So keep absorbing little diminutive things and they’ll build up huge :smile: And thanks so much for linking the Takagawa-Go game! I appreciate it!


And I made some concrete suggestions in mark5000’s review :smile:


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Thanks for sharing those pictures @LinuxGooo ! The bean Go stones look dizzy to me :smile:


Release Notes, Week 3 (August 8, 2014):

Just finished the third issue of “Fridays”! This week’s discussion includes a study of 2-5 and 3-4 invasions to the star-point knight enclosure, as well as a featured review with some techniques explained by examples.

I’m sorry for those of you that waited for the Friday update (really? Will there be anyone watching this thread for updates? :smile:), but I was working really hard yesterday and I had to multitask for a few hours. Those will become a formality for me in the future though, as I become busier starting from September.

That being said, thank you so much for viewing, liking, and offering suggestions to this program! Each time I answer those questions from you guys, it’s a brand new experience and I try to reinvent myself to give the most accurate and reasonable answers back. Still, I have a couple of reviews to do on the stack, and they will gradually come in the future weeks :blush: So this program is just warming up!

P.S. For those of you who are wondering, this forum thread itself is the place where I pick up questions and receive feedback :smiley: So feel free to share your thoughts here!

Edit: Due to the time zone difference, it might already be Saturday for you when the issues come out…So they are guaranteed to be there if you check on Saturdays :sunglasses:


Release Notes, Week 4 (August 15, 2014):

Hello there! The fourth installment of “Fridays with xhu98” has been completed. This time I continued to work on the previous discussions as well as addressing @royjac 's game review request. He asked me the question nearly a month ago, so my apologies for not replying to it earlier :blush: To compensate the lateness, I took a new approach to my game reviews and looked at the near-endgame phase, when it’s all about stamina and accuracy.

Again, big thanks to everyone who have commented, watched, or just stopped by this running program! I have figured out my new schedule starting from September and I will MAKE SURE that this series be continued. It has been a pleasure for me to see people inspired and improved after reading the variations I played out! :smile:

A couple of you guys have suggested that I do a live review session in the future :wink: For me, it would be great to do it in the future, once we get enough people around! I need to set up a time slot, however, but I will let you know as soon as I am ready.

On a sidenote, I have been nominated to give a live lecture during Go Learning Week. The scheduled time for the lecture is Sunday, September 14, 12:00-14:00 UTC (GMT) :sunny: Kuroneko, Mikasa, Levvo and pathogenix are also confirmed to do lectures during the week, so please also stop by and check theirs out!

P.S. To those of you who wants to play Rengo (Paired Go), please contact @LinuxGooo and join his RENGO group on OGS :cocktail:


Can you tell me more about this go learning week? Is there any further info on it available already?


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Release Notes, Week 5 (August 22, 2014):

Hey folks :smile: This is the fifth week of “Fridays” and also, it’s almost A MONTH since this series has been released! With this thread reaching 420 hits and reaching the top ten on the forum, I want to thank everyone of you as always! :hearts:

This week I have made two detailed discussions from games, respectively regarding pincers and moyo approaches. Great thanks to @Onno and @Cab for posting the questions!

I have tried some new approaches to cover the request topics, so please suggest in this thread if you like it or if you wish to see a change in format :smiley: Also, if you have made some new friends on OGS, please feel free to recommend this thread to them so our Q&A efforts would reach and help more people! :fist:

And last but not least, probably many of you have known info about the Go Learning Week, scheduled from September 13-20. Well, since September 12 and 19 both land on a Friday, you guys already know what to expect :wink:


Thank you very much xhu98. I’m learning here, awesome!


It’s question time Tuesday! Please note that I have made a file rearrangement (see the updated thread) :smile:; if you have any questions in your recent games, things you don’t understand from reading a book, or topics you’d like me to cover, please post it here in the thread :sunny:


Release Notes, Week 6 (August 29, 2014)

“Fridays with xhu98” on an actual Friday!! :smiley: It’s amazing that this program has received almost 500 hits! To celebrate the milestone, I worked late night till 3 AM to bring this week’s answers up front. :sunglasses: Although it was many hours of work, I have found this Q&A the most enjoyable project I’ve ever done :hearts:

This week, receiving suggestions from @mark5000 and @ob3lix, I emphasized mainly on two brand-new topics: trick moves, as well as midgame fighting (and calmness, of course :blush:). The trick move discussion is also a continuation of the pincer series, albeit on a novel approach :smile:

Again, suggestions welcome in the thread! Please share with your friends if you find this thread useful, informative, or positive to continue! :star: Also, happy Friday!

P.S. To find the SGF files, please check out the Google Drive folder in the home post!


500 views! Woohoo :sunny:


Thank you for your dedication to teach and help us weaker players :slight_smile: I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that your teaching is very much appreciated.


Release Notes, Week 7 (September 5, 2014)

Welcome to September! Sorry for a little-late release, but this is the best I can manage in the very first week of school :smile: Since I have received a lot of review requests over the week, this week’s “Fridays” is a review-special edition (games are contributed by @LinuxGooo and @DeathTheKid101, mainly addressing concepts in moyo-building :sunny: )

Next week will be a big time for the program as there will be issues released on September 12 as well as September 19, in addition to my Learn Go Week lecture on Sunday, September 14! Also, by the time of this week’s release, this program has again reached one of the top ten threads in the forum!

So again, I want to take this chance to thank everyone ever involved in the growth of this Q&A program, for every like you’ve left, for every recommendation you’ve made, and for every piece of constructional advice you’ve shared! :hearts:

As always, suggestions welcome at anytime of the week, and stay awesome!!!


Just adding my appreciation. Thanks for taking the time to do this.