Fridays with xhu98 (Cornel Burzo special coming up!)


Thank you a lot for your work…!


Release Notes, Week 8 (September 12, 2014)

Let’s Go, LGW! (note: not @LinuxGooo Week :wink:)

This week’s release is (again…) a little late, but I’m here with some good stuff to announce! First of all, I have done another trick move mini lecture, which is inspired by @mark5000 and @AVAVT; :smile: second, different from all my previous commentated reviews, this time I have invited our fellow player @wonjohn_choi and I have answered several questions of his while talking to him in the review chat section (free for checking out!)

Another big thing coming up will be my lecture on Sunday, September 14 @ 12:00 UTC, regarding one of my childhood games I am going to unveil for the first time in 5 years :blush: The lecture is open to all, and the link will be exclusively published on this thread! So stay tuned!

I also have a couple of here-and-there announcements:

  1. For those of you who don’t know, the Chinese version of OGS is completely compatible with 4.1 as of now (I have added the support a few days ago.) If you find any errors or imperfections, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message!

  2. GO Basics is looking for teachers as well as Tournament Directors. It is the largest group on OGS and it’s signature series of live tournaments, Quick & Review (Q&R), is soon to be revived. If you wish to apply for these positions (or even as a co-admin), please contact me!

  3. It’s time to announce the next plans of my school’s Go club, PEA Go/Weiqi Club (a.k.a PEANUT GO)! We have a group on OGS as well as our official website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages. So, if you love Go and you want to be part of a fun club with novel tournaments and other events, come join us on OGS and beyond! :sunny:

Again, thank you very much for every single bit of your support! Leave a like and share it to your friends if you enjoy learning from these works! That’d be my greatest motivation to work extra hours on weekdays in school xD


In response to two outside-of-goban questions:

  1. How much time do I spend on this every week? - I’d say approximately 5 to 7 hours, that’s the average.
  2. Do I charge for these works? - No. These are permanently free :smiley: :heavy_check_mark:




There we go guys, link to my lecture: :smile:


Release Notes, Week 9 (September 19, 2014)

What a week this has been! The Learn Go Week has been a festival and I hope you guys have had a lot of fun (and enjoyed my lecture :smile:)!

This week, with some new features, I have included a live review about timing and tenuki with @grizato and @Oni. The session was 2 hours long and we had a lot of fun! :smiley: If you have a review request and ask me, there is also a chance for your review to also appear on here in full detail, so feel free!

Also, we are starting to have puzzles on OGS <3 This week, I also have a full solution and analysis of @Mikasa’s 5D puzzle :blush: A lot of OGSers have been curious about this puzzle! So if you have a nice puzzle of your own and you would like to submit the problem to me, it will have a chance to shine here :sunny:

Feel free to leave a like, offer some advice, or recommend the thread to others! I am finally enjoying a 3-day school weekend, so have fun everyone!


Hey guys! I’ve made an online repository of this program at It is on my Go club website and will be updated every week.

Also, for those of you who don’t know, I have been appointed a moderator of OGS, so if you have concerns regarding the server, you can also ask me for help!


Sorry for a late release but the good stuff is coming out soon! :smile:


Release Notes, Week 10 (September 26, 2014):

10th week of Fridays! Sorry again for a late release, but I fell asleep when I was making the issue last night! :smiley:

This week’s demos include an op-ed from me on Tengen as well as mirror Go, thanks to suggestion from @ob3lix; also, addressing the highly requested question by @crodgers, I have also done a brief study of double pincers (joseki+trick move refutation!) Enjoy the demos!

What I also want to introduce here is my puzzle collection of The Book of Pure Pleasures and Forgotten Worries. Also known as 忘忧清乐集 in Chinese, it is the oldest known tsumego collection in the history of Go, published in the Song dynasty. I happened to get a copy of the original version, with every diagram and word written in ancient Chinese prose, so everything you see in the puzzles were translated by me! :smile: Also, this book is a definite sensation and I invite you to check the problems out!

The collection, as of now, contains 10 problems, to be continually updated in the upcoming weeks. Here’s the link to first one:, so please support by rating the problems 5 stars! :hearts: Thank you very much!

Feel free to leave a like, offer some advice, or recommend the thread to others! I am glad to see this thread become the first ever “Good Topic” (25 likes) on OGS, so greatest appreciation to everyone for support!


Brace yourselves, a new and better-than-ever season of Fridays with xhu98 is coming soon! :smile:


YaY go xhu98 :D!


The Hayashi House spies are stealing this material for training.


##So, here it finally is! Season 2 of Fridays with xhu98!

Woohoo! This is the 11th week of the program and although for some of you it’s already Saturday or Sunday, I do want to thank you for your patience and understanding! :smile: Your support over the months has filled me with delight and motivation, thus I have decided to continue this week’s issue despite of mid-term school and sleep deprivation :blush: :sleeping:

As this marks the start of another 10 weeks of “Fridays”, I’ll also update the issues on the PEANUT GO website! :smiley:

This week, receiving questions from @ennuiaboo and @Onno, I have put up a lecture about estimating the values of moves and another detailed review game about moyo-building skills. The questions were really deep and difficult to explain from scratch, so I selected examples from Ishida Yoshio 9P’s teachings and put in my own original commentary, in order to make things easier to understand. In the game review, I listed 8 chances that Black had in order to establish a lead in moyo-building, and by those demonstrations I want to stress the importance of solid and consistent playing style, as well as a confident, strong heart :sunny:

Warm thanks to special guest @Mikasa for helping out and sharing ideas in Part 2! :wink:

  • More collaborative works with other senseis :blush:
  • Broader scale of materials (Not only Q&A demos, but puzzles and jubangos and more)
  • The hub of House Honinbo, with disciples @crodgers and @Akillu :smiley: :star:
  • More interesting stuff to come! (13x13, audio, and many more!)

On note of reaching 900 views :heavy_check_mark: , thank you guys so much! For those of you who have watched this thread since its very start, I hope that this will be one of your treasured OGS memories :smile:


###Q&A TIME!

  • Link to my puzzle collection? for link to first problem. Updated to 21 problems as of October 4, 2014.
  • How’s your new life being a mod?
    I feel certainly happy, and I am aware of my responsibility to be a leading demonstration of good conduct and helpfulness in community! I might get busy at times, but I will try my BEST to release the demos on time!
  • How can I find this thread easier?
    You can feel free to bookmark, star the page on the forum, or sort all threads by views and find it (now you don’t need to scroll down anymore!) :slight_smile:
  • Will you be doing audio lectures in the future?
    Sure! It will be a challenge for me, because I’ll have to vocally collect my thoughts in a lecture and ensure clarity of speech. But once the learning curve occurs I should be on the right track! In other words, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED :laughing:
  • What about House Honinbo?
    House Honinbo consists of me as sensei and two other disciples (crodgers and Akillu at the moment), and we learn collectively as a “house.” There are four houses: Honinbo (me), Inoue (@Mikasa), Hayashi (@lemmata), and Yasui (@mark5000), so this should be very exciting and great to learn from!

    ##The House Jubango Directory (updated)

Honinbo xhu98’s Jubango with Hayashi lemmata (0-4):
Game 1: (lemmata B+R 241) :pineapple:
Game 2: (lemmata W+R 134) :pineapple:
Game 3: (lemmata B+R 205) :pineapple:
Game 4: (lemmata W+R 108) :pineapple:

Honinbo xhu98’s Jubango with Yasui mark5000 (1-3):
Game 1: (xhu98 W+R 126) :watermelon:
Game 2: (mark5000 W+R 246) :watermelon:
Game 3: (mark5000 B+R 127) :watermelon:
Game 4: (mark5000 W+R 206) :watermelon:
Game 5: :watermelon:

Honinbo xhu98’s Jubango with Inoue Mikasa (0-2):
Game 1: (Mikasa B+R 121) :peach:
Game 2: (Mikasa W+13.5 274) :peach:

Inoue Mikasa’s Jubango with Hayashi lemmata (0-1):
Game 1: (lemmata W+R 152) :green_apple:

Yasui mark5000’s Jubango with Inoue Mikasa (0-1):
Game 1: (Mikasa W+R 148) :grapes:

Hayashi lemmata’s Jubango with Yasui mark5000 (1-0):
Game 1: (lemmata W+R 178) :strawberry:


Thank you so much xhu98. Your reviews are invaluable to me!


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Ye know, I’m all for group marriage :monkey_face: