Fridays with xhu98 (Cornel Burzo special coming up!)


The House senseis’ jubango games are constantly updated in the post above! Stay tuned! :sunny:


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Release Notes, Week 12, October 10:

Voilà! Here it is! :blush: Although I have once again released late, I am really excited to publish my newest works! This week, continuing on @ennuiaboo’s suggestion on value estimation, I have analyzed four more game positions and explained in detail the methods of approximation. And I hereby announce that 2 more of those lectures will come in the future weeks! :wink:

Also as exciting:

##The Book of Pure Pleasures and Forgotten Worries is completed!

  • Featuring 37 problems, with problem names (the names are unique!) and solutions translated from ancient Chinese! I have also added other alternate, commentated variations to the problems!
  • This book, published in Song Dynasty, is the oldest Go publication known in history. See if you can savor the wisdom almost a thousand years old! :smiley_cat:
  • My work is featured in @Franzisa’s favorite puzzles :blush:
  • All problem features are permanently free - I will not charge on any of them, as I believe this is the shared fortune for all Go players. :smiley: Feel free to drop me a thank-you, a 5-star in puzzle section, a like on the forum thread, or just some corrections and suggestions you would like me to implement! This has taken me over 2 weeks to complete, so your support will be my greatest motivation :heart_decoration:

Thanks to everyone and have a nice weekend! :heart_eyes:

**EDIT: One major revision on October 12…**Added variations, corrected branches, and newly-discovered alternate solutions (which led to a broken problem :smile: )!


Which tsumego collection would you guys like to see next? Please leave a message on this thread and I will choose the most popular suggestion as my next project!

The Encyclopedia of Life and Death, Guanzi Pu, Xuanxuan Qijing, Gokyo Shumyo are currently available in the puzzle section as well! Kudos to @Franzisa, @vougalar, @Mikasa, @mark5000 for their outstanding work! :blush: :hearts:


The 13th week of Fridays coming up! :smile:


Part 1 released…Today I am going to a tournament and tourney-special Part 2 should arrive soon :wink:

P.S. Sorry for the lateness! :tired_face: I was recovering from fatigue…


Release Notes, Week 13, October 17-20:

Thanks so much to everyone for your wait! :blush: The 2 parts of Week 13 are now complete, with Part 3 of our value estimation lecture and one of my original teaching games on consolidation & invasion (with @archpaladin1.) Both are among my favorite demos, so you are invited to take a look! :smile:

On a brief note, thank you for caring about my work schedule and fatigue…I really appreciate it, and after a week of sickness I am finally back on the right track. It’s really amazing how you fellow OGSers are nice and understanding to me! :hearts:

I’ll try my best to come back for next week…on time!


Complete SGFs of all my 4 MGA tournament games, on October 19, 2014:

Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3:
Round 4:

The content above was released one day earlier within the OGS Honinbo House. To earn awesome early accesses, join the Honinbos! :smile:


Thank you so much for the review in week 13. I shall endeavor to create more solid shapes!

It is enlightening to see how flexibility has to be balanced with solidness in order to be properly attack-resistant, and provides a natural framework to consolidate large areas of the board.

Not too long and I will be knocking on your door again for a rematch… :smile:


Release Notes, Week 14, October 24

Welcome to Honinbo House special edition of Fridays with xhu98! In this week’s issue, I am proud to present Part 4 (and final part) of my value estimation lecture, with 4 more excerpted examples from hon. Honinbo Yoshio Ishida 9P. I hope the series has been helpful, and the 16 examples altogether would give you an idea of how to choose between crucial moves and big moves! :smile:

We also have a requested review from our distinguished member of the Honinbo House, @crodgers, and I have taken my effort into making this review, choosing 7 key attacking moments of the game and explaining them one by one. Although this is meant to be Honinbo-exclusive, as the house head I have decided to share this work with everyone :blush: I hope you guys will enjoy it! :sunny:

With that said, I am currently working on my second puzzle collection, The Genius of Akaboshi Intetsu, which is a 62-problem compilation of Intetsu’s secret training manuals, Genran and 50 Diagrams of Hand Talk. Intetsu was one of the most promising players in the Inoue House, but unfortunately he died at a young age after the infamous Blood-Vomiting game with Honinbo Jowa. On the 179th anniversary of his death, the Honinbo house will commemorate his talents by this collection. :white_flower:

Please note that many of these problems are “best move” or “tesuji” problems, instead of traditional “life and death.” Depending on the system’s random draw, the chosen variation could be different every time, so it will be great to navigate back, reset, and explore other options to get the best out of those Go emeralds! :smile: Also, I would love it if you would rate 5-stars for the problems! :heart_eyes:

Link to first problem:


Xhu , thanks a lot for this serie!!!.. I haven’t read them all, but those lecture i have read have been to me very useful. Something with which i always have had problems are pincers. Could you help me to identify concrete examples where one should “to pince” and when not?. Specifically, too, if there are factual situations where a 2-space pincer is better than a one-space pincer. (?) , or when is better a high pincer than a low. In general, all possible about pincers :smile:, they are a really trick thing to me, a great weakness in my judgement during my games.


@Prometeus: You are welcome :smile: I’ve had 4 previous mini-lectures about pincers so far, you can check them out - other than that, I usually talk about pincers by showing examples, so any suggestions on that? :smiley:


Release Notes, Week 15, October 31

Hope you guys have had a spook-tacular Halloween! :ghost: :candy:

This week, based on request by @Prometeus, I have released a feature-length demo on pincers. This demo is Part 5 of our series, and I included examples and annotations to illustrate when and how to use pincers, depending on the game situation. The game examples are chosen from Weiqi. I hope you guys will enjoy it! :smile:

In addition, I will be constantly updating my second puzzle collection, The Genius of Akaboshi Intetsu (, so more awesome stuff to come! Enjoy your Halloween breaks! :blush:

P.S. I decided to focus on one demo this time, instead of two regular ones, but I like this lecture a lot! I spent 6 hours collecting examples and writing the explanations, and I’m pretty satisfied with it :sunny:


I am honored to pin my own thread at the top of Teaching category, under approval by other OGS moderators! :smile: Thanks everyone!


#First ever live session of Fridays with xhu98!

Tomorrow on Friday (November 6), I will host a live Q&A session from 21:00 to 22:30 UTC here on OGS! :blush: I will open up a demo board. Feel free to come by and ask me any gameplay questions, and I’ll try my best to answer them! :smile:

More details to be announced.


Fridays with xhu98 #16 live Q&A! COME PARTYYYYY~

Thanks for coming everyone! :sunny: It was a fun game between me and @calantir! Part 2 to follow next Friday! :blush: :hearts:


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#Fridays with xhu98 #17 live demo!

21:00-22:30 UTC (16:00-17:30 EST.) See you all here. :blush: :hearts:


Thanks everyone! Had a great time completing Part 2 of our review (me vs. calantir.) Extremely glad to receive 50 likes and become the first “Great Topic” of OGS :blush: :fire:


Hey guys! This week’s Fridays with xhu98 will be held on Friday, November 21 @ 20:00-22:00 UTC! :smile: If you have any questions or games that you would like me to review during the live session, please PM me or shoot me a site mail. Thanks for supporting this program! :hearts:

EDIT: Thanks so much, guys! Enjoyed it very much! :blush: