Learning Article

Hello everyone, I wasn’t sure what to make the title but I decided I am going to create this article about ways you can improve using different resources or your own resources.

I first want to mention a few very important things you should look for when playing.

  • First, you should always look for ways to make your weak groups stronger having too many weak groups is a big problem as a kyu player and even as a dan.

  • Secondly, You should always stop yourself and make sure your move is really the move you want to make this seems to be very difficult because a lot of players make moves swiftly without second guessing it is always good to look over the move you plan to make before making it if you don’t plan at all then you plan to fail.

  • Lastly, new shapes I feel this is something more important to the
    players who already understand the first two things too look for when
    playing. Go is forever evolving which means if you continue to use the same pattern over and over it eventually gets old and you start to stand still have you ever wondered “Why am I not getting any better” this could be a good reason why if you think about it if you are a 5k and you are using the same strategy over and over don’t you think maybe that is what makes you 5k :smile: and that it is time to change.

Resources of OGS

  • A dedicated go problems section to help you learn some shape and reading https://online-go.com/puzzles I highly recommend the collection from Francisa no matter what level you are going over the basics is always great no matter what

  • If you want a review you can always use the teaching forum to post your game in and ask if anyone can review it for you. Almost a 100% chance rate that someone will review it for you.

  • Also, I think this is one of the best resources from OGS we have Fridays with xhu98 Fridays with xhu98 (Cornel Burzo special coming up!)

  • There is also a iemoto house system which is the castle games for DDK players. I am not sure about any official rules or anything but you can find the group here https://online-go.com/group/329/ or talk to lemmato the user about it!

  • Finally, Their will be a go league system soon to be released as well which I will provide a bit more information here in the future!

All of these things are being updated every now and then to help the growing community of OGS

I want to share some of the ways you can learn without having a stronger player help. It can be very difficult sometimes to find a stronger player who will help you along the way.

  • Too start, you should always try too review your games even if you
    can’t find a stronger player to help you. It is very possible to
    learn from a game by reviewing it on your own or with a player of
    similar rank. You can use search engines from go websites like
    eidogo.com to help find similar positions in pro matches to help you
    get some ideas. It is also good to note that when a stronger player
    teaches you, that you don’t often question what they are saying and you just go along with it, but, when you play someone of the same level you feel you have to question what they are saying because you don’t know if what they tell you is right so you try to read positions more and learn them instead of simply copying them.

  • When you are learning joseki it is good to know there are some free resources over the internet that can assist you such as

  • http://eidogo.com/

  • http://dailyjoseki.com/

UNFINISHED : I am not done with this yet I still have more to share.