mark5000's Guide to the Opening

Howdy OGS’ers. Having discussed the idea to create some resources for novice players with mlopezviedma and xhu98, I’ve spent a few hours putting together a guide to the opening in OGS demo format. Now, I don’t claim to have any special knowledge about the opening. However, I have spent a good bit of time studying it, and basically every move comes from a pro game. There is nothing in it I have invented. (It’s so uncreative!) I hope one day I can invent my own opening ideas, but until then, here’s a guide for beginners as to what top pros tend to do in their own openings:

I will incorporate any useful modifications into the demo. Helpful criticism, snide remarks, and threats against the creator are also welcome. Enjoy!

Edit: this sgf preserves the markups in the original for offline-viewing.

review-28876.sgf (22.5 KB)


Great stuff!

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This is really comprehensive and well-written! Good job @mark5000 :smile:

A little suggestion: Maybe uploading the SGF file will be great! That way people can download and view the original work as well :sunny:

Really well done! Thanks!

@xhu98, there is a button on the right-hand side to download the SGF. It seems like the comments are properly preserved (althought I haven’t check in detail).

Edit: Unfortunately, it looks like only the comments are preserved, but other annotations (letters, marks, numbers) are not there in the SGF.

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yep @yebellz :smiley: I mean the demo could be edited by viewers so it’s good to preserve the original SGF. Last time in my “Fridays” I got heart diagrams in the demo :sunny:

Oh, I didn’t even realize that others can edit it. Hopefully no one decides to be a troll.

I’ll make another post about the “annotations missing from the SGF” bug.

They cannot edit the existing variations but they could share new ones that add to the tree :smiley:

Some of variations are bugged maybe. In the comment it’s writen : “Black may play at A, B, or C next.” while there is no A, B or C on the goban. I’ve seen it few times.

Anyway, Great Job and well-writen !

This is a display bug with eidogo, I think. Check the demo or download the sgf and see that the markings are intact!

Hi. I am aware this is probably from some external app or site (I think I saw it somewhere before), but nevertheless it would be nice if it could be able to change to a bigger size. I mean the board and of course the font itself. It is real small and hard to read. Besides that - good job and thanks.

And yes, I just figured it can be changed with Ctrl+ (basically browser zoom). That is if someone also has this problem. But still some visible option or info on that would be cool and useful.

thank you man
tis helps me so mutch

thanks mark5000!
anyway, someone put your SGF to their wordpress website.

Bumping this since it is an excellent old thread that deserves more attention.