Accessible Teaching

More hats are definitely needed

Great ideas, AgentNeigh. +100 to all, but +101 to the tiny hats :slight_smile:

I think the tutor icons are a great idea!

Then, “whoever wants one gets one” is how you actually get things off the ground.
If you start putting all kinds of criteria on the tutor tag, will you even find a single qualified user? They might be an amazing teacher but never create any “material content”.
Looking at your “job requirements”, they might ask what they’re getting paid to do all that - like the “mandatory” teaching event every 90 days.

To speak from my own experience, I used to do reviews frequently for anyone who asked, as well as comment on GoKibitz.
It was a huge drain on my free time, and so I did only what I found enjoyable and productive. No teaching games and no reviews for the victor, for example.
All I wanted was to promote Go and guide the diligent student on the right path.


I agree!
I think just one thing from the List of Qualities should be enough.
I only put out a list of things to look for, for example, if you make Tsumego problems and you want a scholar hat; that’s great.
Or you may actively teach students and want to promote your enterprise, they get one too.

Or perhaps those who want a hat but are busy, maybe it might be in their nature to offer a single half hour class once every three months and demo something that interests them…

I think it’s awesome that you review games. :slight_smile:
And the whoever wants one get one approach may be the best way to go.

I was thinking about additional content we can include, Tsumego exams : 10 puzzles with a firm rating including an example of various tsuji / ladder reading and life and death problems.

Note that there is absolutely piles of content out there that is currently a little hard to find, with attempts to organise it into accesible ways having apparently failed.

For example, I only just discovered this:

by poking around into the absolute plethora of apparently dead/idle “Groups” under the “Group” menu. (while I was bored waiting for my opponents to play :wink: )

You need to make sure you aren’t adding yet another hard-to-find place in this maze of options…

… by the way, there are many of these. There are at least three in Chat and more than I have counted in Groups: just on the first page of Groups there are 5 teaching channels that I could see.

In order for a new effort to be successful, I think it would need to both consolidate and then clean up (remove) the content of old unused channels.

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If you like the idea of the teacher icon, please give it your vote on UserVoice.

Here is an example of the Scholar Icon.
Maybe someone could make a better one.

Font Awesome (the font used in OGS for icons) already have it. :wink:

It does not work on OGS forum chat
:3 :mortar_board: but this one works

I didn’t mean forum, I ment OGS UI. The icon I linked works fine.

Are you talking about Go Teaching Ladder? The one that used to offer reviews but has since died out? GTL? It’s here?

are you talking about OGS Teaching Ladder - I got 3 out of 3 reviews within week (2 of 3 within 2 days) and it helped me to improve, not sure how it works on SDK levels, but its golden for DDKs (still worked amazingly well at 10k)

Why is there a “Teaching League” and an “OGS Teaching Ladder”?

It’s this kind of thing that dilutes wonderful efforts to the point where nothing has critical mass…

Nothing is stopping people from being part of both. And considering that anyone can form one, I don’t see why not. Unless you want OGS to regulate groups to prevent duplicates and give groups that are created earlier a priority to have exclusivity.

Personally, I think the solution you proposed would be helpful: having duplicate/overlapping groups lying around helps no-one, except in a situation of high demand (which we don’t have).

As I said, if you don’t manage the groups like that, the people are likely to chose the first one they find (as I did) and even be unaware of the existence of others, diluting all of the separate pools.

As an example: I have been languishing in Teaching League where basically nothing is happening, unaware that OGS Teaching Ladder is just a bit more active. If I had known that OGS Teaching Ladder was the place to be, both it and me would have benefited.

And note that with a mere 148 members, the Teaching Ladder doesn’t even appear on the first page of Groups, wheras the apparently-defunct Teaching League has 10x the members, and is at the top of the first page.

As a first step, I think it would be helpful for groups with no activity (however that is measured - barely matters) to be marked as inactive, and not show at the top of that list…

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Do post this suggestion in a separate thread then.

Sorry for being argumentative :slight_smile: I felt that it is the right place to consider this here, in the context of accessible teaching.

One of the reasons lots of wonderful teaching that is available is not really accessible is due to the hard-to-find maze of options that already exists.

Under the banner of “Accessible Teaching”, I think it’s important to address this problem.

My suggestion above is one small piece of the puzzle, and really makes best sense in the context of this thread.

More for getting attention to it. Less likely people (and devs) will scroll through multiple posts and might miss it. Anyways hope your voice gets heard. You can try tagging them to your post with the @ tag in front of their names to alert them.

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