Guess the black stones

This is the position after 52 moves in a pro game:

Well, half of it at least. The black stones seem to be gone due to some sort of graphical bug… can you reconstruct the position?

To share your attempt, place the black stones on this demo board and take a screenshot.

+1 point for each correctly placed black stone
-1 point for each incorrectly placed black stone


I’ve got a suspicion that the lower right stems from Play Go at! | OGS somehow.

I wanted to make a guess, and I had some ideas for the bottom two corners but I’m not certain. I have no clue at all about the shape in the top right, so I just threw in some Black stones and am putting up a picture so I can stop trying to think of it :stuck_out_tongue: It’s too hard for me :slight_smile:




Full game

By my count, @shinuito got 21 - 5 = 16 points and @Groin got 16 - 10 = 6 points.

Here’s another one, probably a little bit easier than the last!
27 moves have been played. 14 black stones are missing.

Demo board


Oh no, I wanted to give it a try :-(. Maybe put a deadline?

Note to other commentators: the goal is to guess the stones, not to Sherlock out which game it is. It kinda takes out from the fun for the rest of us.


Sorry, my bad! I was going to wait a little bit longer, but I figured that since it’s so easy to make new ones that I would move on to the next round. I’ll try to be a bit more patient with the next one.

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I actually considered using some famous game for the second round, but I think it would be too easy and not very fun. So I’ll keep picking fairly random games. But if someone recognizes a game I will simply applaud them and give them the full points :smiley:

(Obviously don’t use any sort of automated pattern search though, that would be cheating and no fun)


I’ll have a go at the new one.

Guess Game 2

I also want to guess that White is Lee Changho. I was watching Baduk Doctor’s recent video and at about 27:12 ish he says Lee Changho played L3 and won games even though other players thought it was slow. Not sure which game or who the Black player is though, or if I have Black’s moves right for that matter :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to give it a try, if the goal is to guess how the stones ended there, based on each player’s ideas. If the goal is “who remembers kifus better in here?” or “who does better search in Waltheri?” then it doesn’t sound very fun to me. :frowning:

(Of course people who happen to know a game is different than actively doing it that way)


Yeah a deadline or hiding the solution as per the recent edit is also a good idea. I can kind of understand just wanting to get a few in to gauge and/or generate interest.


I was happy with the first about 9-10 stones, the last four I just had to put them somewhere.



My guess and possible sequence


@le_4TC Suggestion; would it make sense to post out guesses as variations in the chat of the demo board? I don’t want to do that if you’d prefer to only have screenshots.

Feel free to do whatever is most convenient for you!

better hopes this time

Edit: changed because I forgot a black stone

My guess, board 2


My reasoning start with L3 stones in a very awkward place, it must means there is some pressure from black on the side to prompt white to answer and live locally. If so, black should still has sente when it happens, and since the lower right is empty of white stones, black must have played 4-4 as move 3, since it is the only spot a N3 black stone makes sense.

If black has a tempo to keep sente, must means black start attacking on the white side first, judging by the white corner joseki, it only has two possibilities for move 5, bC14 or bF3, and white must use low approach wH3 answered bF3. White has one approach on O17, but it ended up with L17 gote, and upper left joseki would also result in black gote. But the bN3 is sente, so this lead me to believe that they settled the upper side of the board first, -> black attack upper left, gote, white attack upper right, gote-> black attack the lower left, white low approach H3, black large knight getting the lower right corner and put pressure on H3, white answer with L3, and then black invade the 3-3 at C3 finishing the joseki.


I will post the solution and the next board 2021-01-08T17:00:00Z :slightly_smiling_face: