Forum games for 2021?

We had some good forum games in the past, like Community Geoguesser and Translingual Shiritori, and more recently Diplomatic Go and Go Zendo.

Are there any forum games that would be good to play this year?


I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of the Werewolf game series. They’re a bit too exclusive and involved for my taste.

We’ve also had the “guessing games” Guess Rank and Guess Date (Sommelier), and the Hurt / Heal fuseki and joseki contests.

And let’s not forget Guess the Person, Yahtzee, the Raptor Game, and the Semantic Game.


We also now have a Guess the black stones game


Doesn’t anybody here play The Game? Cause I’ve just lost.
The Game is a game where everytime you think about it you lose and you have to tell all your friends, who then lose themselves. If someone doesn’t know The Game, the rules say that you have to tell him what it is. Now you’re all playing, and you have lost.

The Game ends when the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom publicly declares its end.


I just lost The Game.This is the second time this week.


Well, since Solitaire was the game of the Covid-year, how about something interesting with lots of fun and lots of players?

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Perhaps we could play mahjong somehow? I’ll look into it.

By the way, there are mahjong tiles in Unicode:


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How about Hugging Go?

Go with all normal rules plus …
that (except for the first move of Black and White) the moves must be played in the eight intersections adjoining an already placed (black or White) stone.
Game finishes when this is no longer possible.

Disclaimer: just a wild thought, which I haven’t worked out.

Seems an appropriate game in a (hopefully) post Covid year.


It sounds like 25k Go :stuck_out_tongue:


Good point.
Everyone can play it :innocent:

You mean like this? :slightly_smiling_face:

Almost like this.
Tsuke go limits itself to the four(horizontal and vertical) solid connections.
What I meant was that the moves must be played on both the horizontal / vertical intersections or the four diagonal loose intersections.

So if Black starts on C3 White can answer on one of the 8 adjoining intersections (bottom left), whereas in the video only 4 intersections are allowed (top right).

It seems that only :mahjong: is displayed well across a lot of devices, since that one is treated like an emoji.

Other Unicode mahjong tiles don’t seem to render as well on some devices
🀅 🀋 🀙 🀗 🀃


Any more ideas?

Yes, I had a silly idea recently. Wasn’t sure if I should really post it. :grin:


Please share. Nothing to be afraid of.


I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of the Werewolf game series.

A month later, I played Werewolf Game 6 :P

:clap::clap: especially to Escherian Go.

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How did y’all let KAOS get away with this???

But I did post it. -> When the pandemic is over, I will


Oh, I saw that, I think I’m in there. :slight_smile: And it wasn’t silly, I expected something silly. :disappointed: