Professional players making rookie mistakes

Well, the title says it all

Let’s make a collection of professional go players making rookie mistakes

I got reminded of this first one by an early post in the Go Jokes topic:


Here’s another one from the NHK cup:


Even pros struggle with dames


This one is slightly different: Cho Chikun “losing” on time because of a mistake by the referee.

What happens, is that the referee announces that Cho is starting his last period, which takes 30 seconds. Now, usually the referee calls every ten seconds, and starts a countdown during the last seconds. Here, however, he says nothing until the 30 seconds have passed, then Cho looks up, states that he has run out of time and plays his move. It appears that nobody reacted after that. He goes on to win the match, here’s the kifu.

Since the referee is a pro too, I’ll count this one :stuck_out_tongue: No idea who it is, though


1:14 for the actual blunder.

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