Images of newer times


Really liking (contributing to) the history item Images of olden times, but there is also something as the present, how Go is played nowadays, so therefore a more contemporary pictorial attempt, for example: What about playing on five boards linked to one and another with four people?

OGS Merchandise?

Seems really confusing.


Also, always love street pictures of people playing…getting your priorities right :wink:


The photo of the five boards is wonderful! My first reactions were (1) it must take all day to play a game, and (2) isn’t go hard enough already?


That is an example of Hard Core.



Wow, I have never seen a toroidal go game in real life!


I just noticed that they are doing mirror go on all the boards—the formations are the same on each.


I think its go on a torus. They actually play only on the middle board, but instead of borders the 1. line is next to the 19. line and so on.


Utter genius-level insight.


Sheer joy:


Is this a rengo game in which the agonized man is reacting to his partner’s bad move, or is that man a spectator who just got a phone call telling him to hurry up and get home?


Yes, well observed but it can actually be played on multiple boards as one big board.
Look, no mirroring here:


Would that be called…




I wonder if they finished that game, that has to take all day.


Just take the weekend off and you will be allright :slight_smile:



Lovely! This reminds me of a B&W photo in a famous exhibit at, I think, the NY Museum of Modern Art, in the 1950s. I believe the title of the whole exhibit was “The Family of Man,” which was collected in a book of that title. Like this, it showed a very young girl and an old man hunched over a game of checkers on a park bench. I actually used that photo for a high school assignment to write a story based on a photo. Years later I sold a revised version, which then took second place in a contest. So, this composition really resonates with me!


If you can still find the picture, post it here!


Scene from a Beautiful Mind, where they play a lot of Go - although the board in this scene looks awfully dense, and the kill by John Nash’ opponent doesn’t seem really… well have a look for yourself:

Nash afterwards famously re-invented the game of Hex:

Anyone play Hex?

The final play could be the last liberty on all the black stones we see to the right. It appears a legit winning move to me?