Anyone play Hex?

Anyone already play and/or interested in playing some? Found it in this post and tried it out on the first version I could find online. Immediately I noticed the similarities to Go, namely in reasoning about connection and miai. Though what looks like a hane seems to be a universally bad move…

Anyway, seems like fun! I wonder if there are any online servers?


I’ve never played, but heard of it.

There’s also another connection game with even more similarities to go

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Fuseques made a server for it (or maybe a very similar game/variation?) a while ago. He is pretty good at it.

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Interesting, because when I played Go for the first days/weeks, I developed this idea that I couldn’t possibly lose if only I managed to create a group that connected to all four sides. :slight_smile:


You also definitely should try this:

It’s a flash game, so some browser could bother opening that page, but the game is very similar to hex ad it’s super-pleasing when you can shut that beast in a dead end! :skull_and_crossbones:

Wish I could hear it meaow! :smiling_imp:

(oh gosh, some kitten’s friend gonna complain :crazy_face: )


It’s here for the record! Looks like the hosted version is down though. I’ll run the code and see about getting a version online if it works :slight_smile:

@Fuseques if you have any advice let me know :smiley:

Fun! A little easy though.

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the game i invented and created a site for (hecks) and the game the topic creator talks about (hex) are two completely different games :confused:


I haven’t won one game, seems pretty dependent on the initial configuration. Is it even possible to win every time? I’m not thinking so but I guess I’m an idiot.

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Yeah I just ran the code and found that out lol

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It helps to have played a little of the real hex first, so you figure out how connections work, etc. Not sure if it’s possible to win every time!

Shape is a concept in hex as much as go:

my bad…

It makes me wanna try Hex, and also makes me think of the game “Hive”, sort of boardless chess-like game with insect hex tiles, I just discovered it, it’s really fun and addictive :wink:
maybe not as complex than chess, but to me definitely more fun :

I didn’t find some free server like ogs to play it (please ogs developpers, implement it here! ^^ )

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There is a Hex section on thats unfortunately almost deserted now. is a correspondence server with multiple games that has many strong hex players.



I have the game at home and I confirm you can win anytime (or lose anytime) without understanding why :slight_smile:

Very hard to catch a strategy and maybe that’s the interesting part, maybe? But it also can be the boring part since you don’t know why you are winning… or losing.
But, there’s like a turning point where you realize you only know the winner whatever one does.


Try again. :slight_smile:
You’ll be able in the end to catch that cat many times in a row.

My advice is: “play large moves”! :wink:

Or else: “don’t attach when attacking” and “use contact moves for defence”. :slight_smile:

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Would anyone like to try a game of Gonnect?

It does not require any special server to play. In fact, we could just play here on OGS, since the mechanics are the same as Go, just the winning condition is different (we would have to ignore scoring and just declare the winner based on the connectivity).

Like Hex, Gonnect also cannot end in a tie. However, since it is possible for connectivity to be mutually blocked in regular go positions, the tie breaking mechanism is that players cannot pass. Hence, one player must eventually have to fill in enough eye space to break a deadlock (and hence why making territory is important in high-level play).

I’ve noticed this too. Once you basically have bridges from one end to the other the game is resignable. But I’m usually surprised by whoever wins…

I’d be interested in a correspondence challenge if you want!

Great! Just sent you a challenge

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