OGS Merchandise?


@S_Alexander I think the comment about no black shirts was more in relation to if we wanted huge prints such as joseki positions. For a small logo, as you have pictured, white paint on a black shirt is fine, but will indeed fade after a few years.


Thanks to all of you for the ideas!
Give us some time to process and we will come back with more :slight_smile:

You should be able to pick what thing (sweathshirt, t-shirt, bag…) and what color you want. And then even relocate/ resize some of the elements.
Also add your own text (if you wanted your nick or whatever) though with a rather limited font selection.

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@AdamR I was more thinking along the lines of whether we could each pick our own favourite tsumego lol but thanks for clarifying all that, look forward to the next update


Regarding custom text, I think it would be cool to have our OGS username across our shoulders sport jacket style.


Hmmm, no I am afraid that would be too complicated to make it work :smiley:

Yes I agree and you should hopefully be able to that, but it will be optional :slight_smile:

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As a moderate moderator of an section called images of newer times, I think there are a lot of images to choose from, but if I had to choose, I would really like this one, on a T- shirt…

OGS logo and URL underneath it off course, with compliance of the original artist Tango :wink:



I know and love that image but I think it’s a bad idea to use original art of other people – at least not without paying them credit (I notice that TANGO’s signature is missing from your copy of the Go playing cats!).

Since those shirts will make money for OGS I think TANGO should then also be paid a part of the price, and that will make things complicated.


Can’t be that complicated. Just contact the artist, say it is for spreading the love of the game of Go, ask if OGS can have exclusive rights for the image and give him 40% for all the 10 T-shirts sold, and it will all work out nicely. Everyone wins…


But nothing stops you from stealing the idea and drawing a similar picture.


Yeah, I’d buy some OGS merch! I think the designs look great; that 3D goban would be cool on a shirt if it prints well. Also for the minimalists, having the option of a straightforward OGS logo on the front, with perhaps an empty go board on the back ~ could be nice.


Genius idea, this could double as an “on-the-go” goban (especially in hotter climates) then all you would need is a set of appropriately sized stones (infer what you will from that) :wink:


OK, I accept the challenge: My stones are bigger than yours! :stuck_out_tongue::wink:


I never said bigger, I said…



Gives a whole new meaning to “Touchstone Pictures”, dunnit?


Here’s an idea, how about putting on hieroglyphics of some sort? 囲碁/圍棋

[add ogs logo]


I’d rather suggest 糖醋猪肉.

OK OK, but what about 竹芽? :smiley:



(Too late?)

By the way, that Go-board-shirt is pretty nifty for all the party boys among us. “Hey there, let’s play a game…”

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Well … those guys in the video are getting a little too close to some people, for my taste, for example to that lady who clearly didn’t like that.


Oh Tom, you’re missing the point by a mile and a half. As much as I hate explaining references or jokes, it’s not about whether the comedy crew of Jackass portrays more-than-proper etiquette.

The point is fairly simple. In order to play, people would have to take their shirts off.

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